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Ana Patricia Gámez thought she was pregnant because of the nerves of saying goodbye to TV

Within hours of saying goodbye to television, at least for a little while, Ana Patricia Gamez confessed that she thought she was pregnant due to the nerves of ending this cycle with her last day as a presenter of ‘Falling in love’.

As we tell you, by her decision, Today is the last day of Ana Patricia Gámez with co-host of the UniMás reality show, Y Before her farewell, everything is happening to her, not only could she not sleep, but she even brings colic that she mistook for a pregnancy!

Yes, she herself shared what she is living in a confession she made to her followers from her Instastory, on her Instagram account.

“They are not here to know it, nor am I to tell it, but today he had to give me a colic like never in my life, I do not suffer from colic. In fact 5 days ago I was waiting for it to arrive, as usual, I am super punctual on this issue, and I was 4 days late, I never have delays, so much so, that I took 4 pregnancy tests“Anita began recounting.

The Mexican beloved was so laughed at by this part of the story, and by the possibility of another child when she has been saying for some time that the ‘baby factory’ is closed, which she immediately clarified. “All negative, all. It arrived yesterday, and today I have unbearable colicHe explained.

But that is not the only thing he is experiencing these days of such sensitivity for leaving TV, he says that She could not sleep either, which is well awake, but clarified that she does not live this with sadness, but with great happiness for the opportunity she had not only in this show, but on television with her beginning in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ and then as host of ‘Despierta América’.

Now, as she said herself, She will dedicate herself to her two children, Giulietta and Gael, to her husband Luis and to their businesses, not only the ones you have at the moment but those that you assure you will announce very soon.

Let us remember that on April 12, and surprisingly, Ana Patricia, accompanied by her co-host, Rafael Araneda, announced that she was withdrawing not only from the UniMas reality show that she had bet on 2 years ago, but also from television.

“I have worked for Univision, for different programs, but the time has come for a decision that is both difficult as a professional, but those who are mothers understand how difficult it is sometimes to leave their children when we have to go to workr. As a daughter too, when I said goodbye to my father and did not see him again, I understood even more the importance what had to live with those people those special moments …

As Rafa says My children are now almost 6 and almost 3, and as a mother I have decided to take a break in my professional career to dedicate myself to being a mother 24/7, because my children’s childhood will advance, they will grow up, and I want to be with them in those moments, those moments when I pick them up from school, when I want to take them to the park or when I want to put them to sleep while I tell them a story. I count or say a prayer to them. This is not ‘goodbye’, maybe a ‘see you soon’, I don’t know if near or far, for now the cycle closes in June, when this season of ‘Falling in love’ ends ”…

And just as he said that April 12, this June that seemed so far away arrived, and today, June 11 says goodbye to give way to the new presenter of the love reality of UniMas, Karina Banda, who will be officially presented today.


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