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Ana Sarabia: «I have been the victim of a witch hunt for more than twelve years»

Archive image of the former councilor of Ibi. | JUANI RUZ

Ana Sarabia was in charge of the Sports Department of the Ibi City Council for seven years with the PP, specifically between 2003 and 2009. As a result of the complaint from the socialist municipal group, she was investigated for embezzlement, prohibited negotiations for officials and prevarication. Later, the Consistory itself also appeared in the case as an accusation. And now, twelve years later, the Alicante Court has acquitted her.

Although she was a Sports Councilor for seven years, the investigation focused on the period between 2005 and 2006 …

Something incomprehensible, because both before and after those dates the activities were exactly the same. We organized many trips and workshops related to sports, such as hiking, dancing …

And the activities, were they paid for by the people who participated?

Clear. No public money was spent, as has been shown. People who signed up paid and we took the money to travel agencies or wherever.

The PSOE was the one who denounced, but later the City Council itself joined the cause …

So is. It was presented by the PSOE and at the same time the City Council was presented as an accusation.

But when the City Council was presented, the municipal government was made up of your colleagues from the PP, what did it mean for you?

A hard stick. It was horrible, because you never expect your own teammates to hurt you. Although it is true that the PSOE asked for up to four years for the crimes of embezzlement,

negotiations forbidden to officials and prevarication, and the City Council, firstly, no. Later, when the Mayor’s Office and the government team changed [en referencia al periodo en el que el actual alcalde, Rafael Serralta, releva a Mayte Parra] they did join the accusation of the PSOE.

How do you think they should have acted?

I don’t know, but the City Council could have presented itself as a defense and not as an accusation.

How have you lived the process?

This marks a lot. And I have had a bad time, but the worst thing I have had is the suffering of my family. In these cases there are two parallel trials: the court and the media, and the latter, in the end, sinks you, because I wanted to die every time I saw myself in the newspapers. I’ve been on a witch hunt for twelve years.

Was it always clear to you that you could prove your innocence?

From the beginning it was clear that he would win. Already the judge of Ibi removed the accusation of embezzlement because there was an expert who said that not one euro was missing.

And the famous “box B”?

It was shown that there was never a “box B”. Yes, it is true that there was a box to store the cash in the sports hall from subscriber fees, and that this money was taken by the manager to the City Council and audited with the auditor.

Did you think about throwing in the towel?

Yes. I have had to change lawyers several times during the judicial process because they were under political pressure, and if I could not find the latter I would have thrown in the towel, although I am glad I did not because I have been able to show that I did not do anything that I did. I was accused, that I was innocent.

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