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Anabel Hernández maintains what is written about Galilea Montijo and his links with the narco

Anabel Hernández maintains what she wrote about Galilea Montijo and other celebrities in her book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco.”

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The name of the journalist Anabel Hernandez is on everyone’s lips for his most recent book entitled “Emma and the Other Ladies of the Narco”.

There he tells how the traffickers that “keep Mexico plunged into a bloody spiral of crime and violence,” allegedly they have relationships with celebrity people.

Various actresses, singers and television conductors recognized in Mexico are part of the work and Galilea Montijo is one of them.

Of her it is affirmed that had a romantic relationship with the drug dealer Arturo Beltran Leyva, who was killed in a confrontation with the Mexican Navy, and while Galilea asked through a sea of ​​tears in a video that the defamation against him cease, Anabel Hernández assures that she does not intend to change “neither a period nor any comma” of the publication.

“What I have said about her is in the book, it is no more, no less. It is what is in the book, I am not going to increase or remove a comma “, he specified in an interview for the Infobae medium.

It should be noted that not only Galilea Montijo is mentioned, but also Alicia machado, Arleth Terán, Fight Villa, Find Camil, Ninel Conde, Joan Sebastian, Andres Garcia, Sergio Mayer, among others.

“I am responsible for what is written there because what is written is not defamation”

Anabel Hernandez

“I don’t know what other people may or may not say or what other people have said or may say, that is not in my control, I cannot be held responsible for what others say,” he said.

After revealing this relationship, the host of the program ‘Hoy’ not only denied the allegations against her, she also clarified that take legal action against whoever is responsible for the damage to your image and your family.

According to the renowned journalist, Former collaborators of Beltrán Leyva were the ones who confirmed the “private” meetings between Montijo and the capo.

On the other hand, Anabel Hernández also stressed that she does not pretend to be a judge of the celebrities mentioned in her book, but rather that her objective is to understand the phenomenon of women in drug trafficking.

The book by journalist Anabel Hernández went on sale on November 30; Furthermore, it will be presented at the Guadalajara International Book Fair on December 4.

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