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Anabel Pantoja, a diva who squeezes the pull of her aunt Isabel




Anabel Pantoja has become one of the most profitable characters for brands. An advertising reef on Instagram in which brands of all kinds are fixed whose objective is to promote that the beauty of women does not lie in the response of the scale, but in their personality. With almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Anabel exploits her curves, boasts of integrity and thoroughly studies all the requests that come to her directly or through the agency she works with.

He knows how to manage his own brand well. They explain to ABC that Anabel does not accept all jobs. In the last year, the contertuliana has scrapped four-figure contracts for advertising products she doesn’t trust or doesn’t feel comfortable with. He wants his followers, against other celebrities denounced by FACUA, not to feel cheated. Nor does he want to promote, to date, sexual-themed objects, such as the famous # PlatanoMelón vibrator, which has been given an opportunity by celebrities such as Tamara Gorro, another of the best-paid big influencers: «For Anabel it is more important that the product goes with her and with her principles, that money. It is true that they offered him some 4,000 euros for a sex toy campaign, but she was not going to feel comfortable announcing it “, reveals someone from her environment, who quantifies in more than 30,000 euros what she would have stopped billing, only in the last year, for not having accepted some really interesting proposals, but not they exceeded its red lines or the economic minimums that it has stipulated.

The brands that hire her have good feedback. The results of the products you advertise with discounts to your followers sell better than when you advertise them, for example, another common face of the small screen, the polemicist Makoke who, although reluctantly, begins to lower the bar to 500 euros for offers that interest him. Before, I asked for 2,000 to share a post and a temporary story on the social network.

Anabel’s case goes beyond the networks. Despite the controversy caused by the originality of the pieces, the jewelry collection that bears his name is a success in the market. Only in the last two months have sales doubled and he does not rule out expanding the stock due to high demand. The commissions he receives per transaction are an excellent support for the income he receives from his two weekly collaborations in ‘Save me’ where, it is evident, it is trading higher. Her tears and anger at being involved in family conflicts they earn you more than 5,000 euros per month. She’s perfectly dressed on the Telecinco set, thanks to the fact that she also exchanges products with stores like Call Me Loca.

If Anabel stands out among other influencers for something, it is because she is not afraid of risk. Know how to invest. Together with her boyfriend, Omar Sánchez, she has launched a collection of surfing clothing under the Mar Callao brand – owned by the Canary Islands – and whose designs are sketches created in tandem.

In addition to fashion, where she also tried her luck as a designer of swimsuits and leather goods, Anabel published in November a self-help book, “El plan Sálvame para Curvys”, by the Martinez Roca publishing house, which although it has not become bestseller, has been well received in physical and digital bookstores: “It has been a real pleasure to work with her, very willing and with a very close and loving character,” says Laura Fernandez, press officer of the publishing house. Are we facing a new social phenomenon of the height of Belén Esteban?

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