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Risk Prediction is a unique AI-based risk assessment and prediction tool

For companies from different sectors (retail, real estate, banking, hotels, franchises, etc.), which have numerous branches or assets spread throughout the country, efficiently managing the protection of all these locations can be very complicated. Resources are always limited and that forces us to prioritize investments in security. But which assets need the most protection in a rapidly changing environment? How to predict the risks that each one can face depending, among other factors, on its location? From these questions arises the need for a risk prevention and prediction tool that helps companies guide their investment in security, dynamically and efficiently, based on anticipated needs.

This is how Risk Prediction emerged, a unique AI-based risk assessment and prediction tool on the market. The Innovation department of Securitas Seguridad Spain began to develop it in 2019 with the aim of responding to relevant phenomena and risks in a predictive manner; that is, anticipating them to take the appropriate security measures. The company released this tool in March 2020 for the use of its customers.

This is one of several intrapreneurship projects developed by the Spanish subsidiary of the Swedish security multinational, and which are based on taking advantage of the large quantity and quality of data coming from both the thousands of professionals who work in the field as well as the electronic security systems monitored from the Securitas Operation Center (SOC), the largest security control center for companies in Spain.

Risk Prediction exemplifies the use of data as a differential value

A variety of profiles are involved in the creation and development of this tool, from security experts and criminologists to data scientists and AI specialists. All part of an ETL process where data is extracted, transformed for ease of use, and loaded for analysis to start building predictions.

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Risk Prediction exemplifies the use of data as a differential value, through a platform that collects criminological theories for crime control and prevention, transferred to statistical models based on data science.

The solution is mainly powered by the data it receives from:

  • The more than 60,000 security systems connected to the Securitas Operation Center (SOC).
  • The more than 16,000 professionals who work in the field with digital tools (security guards, assistants, system technicians, etc.).
  • Clients (address, characteristics of assets, etc.)
  • External sources, such as sociodemographic data, various statistical indices, etc.

Risk Prediction processes all this information in an aggregated and anonymized manner and displays the results through geospatial visualization in the form of heat maps of the areas of greater or lesser risk. The tool has two main display modes, between which you can switch using a slider. On the one hand, the current risk levels in each area are shown. On the other hand, the predictive mode projects the levels of risk expected in the future. The results are continuously updated as new data is incorporated.

Risk Prediction is capable of providing predictive results, differentiated by type of client and geographical area, with a minimum postal code “resolution” that reaches the maximum level of the census section in large towns. The interface, simple and very visual, facilitates decision-making at different levels by the user and is also very useful for the continuous improvement of operations in the security company itself.

Risk Prediction is based on its own development and is based on Mapbox for the representation of geospatial data. The tool can be used on both mobile and desktop devices with an Internet connection.

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With this tool, Securitas clients receive a risk assessment that is always updated and focused on their vulnerabilities (not only in security but also in other aspects such as electricity supply), and that takes into account the threat of their geographical context to help them to optimize the protection of its headquarters, delegations, branches, assets, etc., based on prediction. In addition, it is a customizable solution based on the specific needs of each sector or company.

Supplier: Securitas Security Spain

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