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Analysis | UMH: Digital, rejuvenated and social

Recovering academic life prior to the pandemic is the first challenge set by the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche for the current 2021/22 academic year. The return of its students to the university campuses, with 100% presence in the classrooms, is the initial challenge that the academic institution has to face. But many more challenges are looming on its horizon, including the digitization process launched, the rejuvenation of the teaching staff and scholarships for students who are at risk of social exclusion.

Strategic plan

Equipment and training

The UMH is carrying out a digitization strategy that involves an immense effort, not only in terms of computer equipment, but also in terms of training for teachers, students, and administration and services staff. This translates into teaching applications or the implementation of the new UMH file manager 2.0.


The rankings value it well

Consolidated as the fourth Spanish university in teaching and the sixth in research and innovation by the U-Ranking, the BBVA Foundation and the IVIE, the prestigious Shanghai ranking places the institution from Elche among the 200 best in the world in Science and Technology of Foods and among the 400 best in Agricultural Sciences and Pharmacy.


Agri-food research

The University has recently inaugurated its new Agri-Food and Agro-Environmental Research and Innovation Center on the Orihuela-Desamparados campus. The center has more than ninety researchers on the transformation, production and distribution of food in the markets.

Science park

New business project

From the Science Park a new project has been launched so that any company in the university environment can find ways of collaborating with the UMH, turning this space into a simple entry point for companies and institutions. The University of Elche also leads an investment club to which the UA has subsequently joined.

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Science dissemination

One of the main goals

One of the strategic objectives of the UMH is the dissemination of scientific knowledge. To this end, it has the powerful Science Dissemination Plan, with activities in different formats, both face-to-face and online, designed for the enjoyment and to cultivate critical behavior and a positive view of the research in the general public.


Rejuvenate the squad

One of the urgent demands of the University is the elimination of the replacement fee. In young universities, such as the UMH, there is an urgent need to rejuvenate and stabilize staff. From Elche, the future is viewed with more optimism thanks to the transfer of quotas made by the UPV.


Figures close to 100%

According to the results of the latest employability study, 95% of graduates find employment at the end of their studies. 74% of graduates hold positions of responsibility in their company. In addition, 33% start with a permanent contract. For this academic year, the academic offer has 88 official degrees: 26 undergraduate degrees, two double degrees, 47 official master’s degrees, and thirteen doctoral programs.

Bet on quality

Boost improvements

The approval of the VI UMH Quality Plan will enhance the search for improvements. This course is also expected to approve the Sustainable Mobility Plan for the Elche campus and to prepare the new Strategic and Responsibility Plan. The percentage of students satisfied with teaching is 94.6%.

Social Council

Funds through patronage

Thanks to the funds raised through patronage through the Social Council, new scholarships have been resolved for students at risk of social exclusion, as well as the first call for UMH Social Commitment projects, aimed at initiatives that are linked to the Development Goals Sustainable.

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Brain and technology

European Neurotech University

The academic institution from Elche is very involved with the project of the European University of Brain and Technology, Neurotech, which is already giving its first results. This initiative makes it possible to increase the competitiveness of research, education and the economy.


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