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Ancelotti hits the key and touches the fiber of madridismo



The devil knows more for being old than for being the devil. Ancelotti is the devil of continental football, winner in the five great countries of European football. He has one challenge left, the Spanish League, and he has begun to fight to reach it. He knows our football well and knows how to touch the key of each footballer, of the organization chart of a team. He has come back to Real Madrid and has shown his wisdom as soon as he started. Lining up Bale and Hazard together on the first matchday was a goal that no one would have thought of at Real Madrid a week ago. Carlo is brave and has very clear ideas: yes They are two great players, to play. Without fear of injury and relapse. A front with the two figures on the flanks was invented to provide class to the leader of the scheme, this Benzema who plays better every day.

The club leaders are happy. It is what they asked of him, a leap forward, because there are footballers to obtain a better performance than seen last season. The internal analysis is that if the person in charge of the staff takes advantage of all the quality that exists in the group, many things can be done

Many may think that the technician has relied on veterans to bring the ship to safety. Nothing of that. The secret of «Carletto», as they call him in Valdebebas, is to rely on the leaders of the team and on the young people who ask for passage with their power and a talent that the coach praises especially.

To Ancelotti there won’t be an eleven, there isn’t. Has really fifteen headlines. Valverde and Militao were starters, but the prepared considers Vinicius and Rodrygo as starters as Bale and Hazard. He showed it by seating the two veterans at game time and taking out the two Brazilians to inject speed when it was most needed.

The Italian has made it clear to the players that no one has a fixed position and that everyone has a replacement. Will do always two different teams in a match, that of the first half and that of the second, to put a sixth gear of speed when the rival is more tired. Not a fool’s hair has this guy.

In Vitoria he demanded more offensive aggressiveness after the break and Real Madrid scored two goals early. When Alavés attacked the most, they took out Rodrygo and Vinicius and the problems were over. Ancelotti has the internal message of the house of “Make good use of these young talents”, which Zidane he did only when the injuries forced him, and the result is evident. The “allenatore” loves the five changes because it can revolutionize an entire team. The crux of the matter is knowing how to do it and he knows.

He is hallucinated with youth. Ancelotti highlights the talent of Valverde, Miguel, Rodrygo, Vinicius and AsensioPlayers who would be indisputable in any team and that he plans to use as a second line of fire to inject power into a veteran team.

His success with Bale, with Hazard and with the new guard he has touched the fiber of madridismo, who is hopeful after a summer of resignation given the difficulty of signing Mbappé. He has demanded that his pupils play each day as if it were a final and they have complied with his request. This has only started, but the Italian has shown that he knows what he wants and how he wants it. The leaders of the club are happy with the change that the coach has brought to the team. It is what they asked of him, a leap forward, because there are footballers to obtain a better performance than seen last season. The analysis of the sports management is that if the person in charge of the squad takes advantage of all the quality that is in the group, many things can be done.

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