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Ancelotti: “I promise offensive football, spectacular and intense”

Carlo Ancelotti, with Décima

Carlo Ancelotti, with Décima

Italian Carlo Ancelotti was presented as Real Madrid’s new coach this Wednesday in the press room of the white club’s sports city and repeated the promise he made in his first stage as a Madrid coach, “an offensive, spectacular and intense football” to reach titles.

“Thank you very much to Real Madrid, to the president (Florentino Pérez), to José Ángel (Sánchez, general manager) and to the entire board of directors. I am very happy to return to what I feel is home to and I will put all my energy to try to repeat what that we have achieved in the past, “he stressed. “I have very good memories of the two years I spent here, the titles, the relationship I had with everyone. We are going to repeat it in this new challenge, “he said in his first appearance before the press in his second stage at the head of the white team, after signing a contract for the next three seasons.

Ancelotti secured a colorful football as the shortest path to success: “I promise the same because the tradition, the history of this club, is to try to play offensive, spectacular and intense football.” “I think football has changed in these five years, it is more intense and aggressive. Some rules have changed, but Real Madrid football has to be offensive and spectacular as the fans want,” he stressed.

About Ramos

In addition, Ancelotti has spoken of the renewal of captain Sergio Ramos, who is still in the air. When asked about whether he can project the team without the central defender, he commented that “No” he imagined a white team without himself as coach, “and it happened”. “What I know is that Real Madrid, whatever it is, is going to compete in all the competitions it has with the best possible squad. Regarding Sergio Ramos, I have arrived now, I have to speak with the club and we will do so in the next few days. I did not imagine a Real Madrid without Carlo Ancelotti and it happened we have to accept it all, “he said in a telematic press conference.

“The clear thing is that Ramos is a very important player for Real Madrid, he has been fundamental for all the successes that the club has had. Let’s talk to the player, I know he is talking about his renewal, but I don’t know the details. When I know them I will be able to speak more openly ”, added the Italian on the situation of the Spanish center-back.

An Ancelotti who was a joker in his first press conference six years later and who, in addition to the case of Sergio Ramos, did not want to get wet about the preparation of the squad for next season. “The return was very fast, it has been done in days since Saturday and I have not had the time to talk with José Ángel about the future of the squad. I know a lot of players and I like to work with them again, and Ramos is one of these. What the squad is going to be we are going to see in the coming days ”, he commented.

A speech he kept when asked if he had asked President Florentino Pérez for new faces: “I have seen the president little, before we have spoken only a little while, it was all very fast until today and we have not had time to speak. Now we will start working to do the best for Real Madrid. I have thanked the president because being here is very important to me, ”he said.

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