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Ancelotti’s dilemma in Anoeta: to rotate or not to rotate

Real Madrid face one of their pursuers in Anoeta with the question of whether the Italian coach will give a midfielder a rest, while Real Sociedad comes to a clash with the low capitals of Mikel Merino and David Silva.

To rotate or not to rotate, that is the question. This Shakespearean dilemma seizes a Madridismo that sees its team wither as a result of the physical and mental exhaustion of its spine. Modric, Kroos and Casemiro they fall apart in the final stretch of the matches, and Vinicius the shocks always end in reserve. Also, back Cuts cover the shame of Militao and Praise, which are becoming common suspects.

Carletto, supported by his seven consecutive victories, vindicates himself within his usual measure. “It is unfair to say that I do not do rotations. I always change one or two players, ”he warned with a raised eyebrow. But it is also true that these changes affect complementary players, such as full-backs or the companion of Vinicius and Benzema, where no one punches the table: Asensio, Rodrygo, Hazard, ‘the golfer’ Bullet

Gap in the league

In the next eight days, Real Madrid will face their pursuers in the table, Real society and Athletic, so it could drive a wedge into the top of the league. Carletto He takes the pressure off his team by ensuring that “it will be a level league until the end”, but his subconscious gave him away by pointing out that “if good results are given, we can gain an advantage and then manage it for the rest of the league.”

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The donostiarras arrive with outstanding casualties. Neither Mikel merino neither David Silva will be. What would be like depriving Madrid of Casemiro and Vinicius. But Imanol he does not understand alibis and casualties will not be an excuse. Oyarzabal, the Cisne Isaac and a dazzling Januzaj they will pull the car in an uncomfortable match for the leader if the Basques do it back and forth. The faster the pace, the more the whites will suffer.

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And it is Europe. If Madrid plays the leadership of its group of Champions in four days before him Bury, the Real will play in six their future against him PSV. None of the coaches look past AnoetaBut it depends on how the game plays out, a draw could convince both of them. Or none. That is another question.

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