Monday, January 18

Andalusia advances the curfew and restricts the hours of shops and hotels

The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno.

The president of the Board, Juanma Moreno.

After the rebound in the number of infections experienced by the community after the Christmas holidays, the Junta de Andalucía has decided tighten restrictions in order to stop the evolution of the third wave. Thus, the curfew at 22 hours extending until 6 in the morning. This was announced by the president of the Andalusian Executive, Juanma Moreno, after presiding over the meeting of the Advisory Council for High Impact Public Health Alerts, also referred to as the Committee of Experts.

He Business hours contract again until 8:00 p.m. as well as the hotel and restaurant business hours, that may remain open until 6:00 p.m.Yes, the cafeterias will have a few more hours, until 8:00 p.m., although the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Social gatherings are limited to six people who are not living together.

Regarding the food delivery service, orders can be made by phone and delivery to homes can be made until 11:30 p.m.

Regarding mobility, the perimeter closure of the autonomous community persists -which was deactivated between December 23 and January 7 due to family reunification due to the Christmas holidays-, so you can only leave for duly justified reasons. In addition, travel between provinces is still allowed for now. This last measure will be reviewed “continuously” and will be limited as soon as the committee of experts considers it appropriate.

However, The perimeter closure of the eight municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar and the municipality of Añora in Córdoba is extended, which are in alert status 4 level 2, as Moreno has warned.

Regarding the resumption of the school year in the compulsory stage, the president of the Board has clarified that it will develop normally and in the case of the University, online classes will be maintained in areas at alert level 4.

These rules will come into force at dawn next Sunday and will be valid until January 25.

Saving Christmas, the trigger

On whether the relaxation of the restrictions that sought to “save Christmas”, as expected by the Board with the de-escalation plan in two phases, has been the trigger for the rise of new infections, Juanma Moreno has defended that the community was in an “optimal” situation to make that decision.

“We were the last in peninsular Spain,” he stressed, referring to the incidence of the virus in the region then, the lowest in the peninsula, only above the archipelagos and the autonomous cities. “As we were in the queue, it made a lot of sense. I think we did the right thing. We know that the third wave is rising, it affects us and that is why we are preparing and we are already taking action again.”

The relaxation of the measures during Christmas came to “cover two needs”, as explained by the popular. On the one hand, to allow a “minimum of reunion between relatives who had not seen each other for a year” and on the other, to create an “escape valve” for the most damaged sector, that is, commerce, hotels and restaurants.

“The third wave we knew would come and it is already beginning to be noticed”, added Juanma Moreno.

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