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Andalusia and Castilla y León, the only autonomies without budgets for 2022

Andalusia and Castilla y León are the only autonomous communities that they will not have new budgets in 2022, while the other fifteen autonomies will have new public accounts next year.

Murcia will also start 2022 without having approved new budgets, but the regional Assembly already has them in the parliamentary process.

The parliaments of Aragon and Asturias face this Thursday the final vote of the budgets of both communities, so the map of the autonomous budgets of 2022 is as follows:


The Andalusian Government of PP and Citizens reaches the end of 2021 after achieving to have carried out some of its star standards thanks to the parliamentary arithmetic, right and left, key for a minority Executive after his divorce with Vox.

However, it has been forced to extend the budgets, which were rejected by all non-ruling parties, and what opens a clearly pre-electoral scenario and a possible advance of the autonomous elections.


The Cortes de Aragón foreseeably today will approve the budgets of the community for next year, the second highest in history with 7,444 million euros.


It also seems guaranteed the approval today of the public accounts of Asturias for 2022, which amount to 5,354 million euros and will be the third that the Socialist Government manages to carry out Adrián Barbón.


The Balearic Parliament approved the 2022 regional budget on December 22 with the support of the parties that support the management of the Executive of Francina Armengol and the general rejection of the opposition parties.

The Balearic Islands will have a budget of 6,397 million euros next year, 8.8% more than this year, and thus reaches its “all-time high”.

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Canary Islands

The groups that support the Government of the Canary Islands have supported the community budget, with 9,098 million in non-financial expense, and with the exit from the economic crisis derived from the pandemic and the reconstruction of La Palma as great challenges.


The regional budget of Cantabria for next year reaches a historical figure of 3,340 million euros and it was approved only with the votes of the Regionalist Party of Cantabria and the PSOE.

Castilla la Mancha

The Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha approved on December 22 the budget of the Community Board for 2022, which amounts to 12,273 million euros including financial spending, with the sole support of the PSOE deputies, which has absolute majority.

Castile and Leon

The Castilian-Leonese will go to the polls on February 13 after the president of the Board, the popular Alfonso Fernández Manueco, decided to advance the elections for fear of a possible vote of no confidence promoted by his until then partner in the Government, Ciudadanos, who was negotiating several amendments to the budget project with the formation Por Ávila.

Thus, the Government of Castilla y León today signs the decree of extension of current budgets as of January 1, 2022.


On December 23, the Parliament of Catalonia approved the Generalitat’s budgets for 2022, which include the highest public spending in history, with 38,139 million euros, thanks to the votes in favor of ERC and JxCat and the decisive abstention from Together We Can, a different geometry from the one that made the investiture of Pere Aragonés possible in May and that now distances the CUP from the Government.

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The refusal of the CUP to support the admission to processing of the budgets forced Aragonés to seek a alternative: the PSC offered to negotiate them, but the president did not want to depend on the socialists and lose negotiating capacity in Madrid, so he chose to seek the help of the commons.

And he found it: as a counterpart, ERC had to abstain to facilitate the approval of the budgets of the municipal government of Ada Colau in Barcelona.


The Extremadura Assembly has approved the region’s budgets for 2022, the third accounts of the legislature, amounting to 7,000 million euros, and that they have only had the affirmative vote of the socialist majority, since PP and Ciudadanos have voted against and United for Extremadura has abstained.


With the only votes of the popular group, the plenary session of the Galician Parliament approved on December 22 the General Budgets of the Autonomous Community of Galicia, that broke for the first time in recent years with the goal of zero deficit.

The amount of the Galician accounts is 9,090 million euros, which represents an increase of 11.36 percent.

The Rioja

The budget law of La Rioja for 2022, which amounts to 1,897 million euros, went ahead on December 16 with the votes in favor of PSOE, we can and IU and against PP and Ciudadanos.


After his electoral victory in May, Isabel Diaz Ayuso she has managed to approve the first budgets of the Community of Madrid since she is president.

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Thanks to the support of the Vox deputies, the Madrid Executive has raised public accounts for 2022 that amount to 23,033 million euros, 14.8% more than those of 2019, the last approved during the Government of Angel Garrido.


The year 2022 will begin without the new budgets of the Murcian region having been approved, but the Assembly has already set the date for the debate on its final approval, which will be on January 18.


The Government of Navarra has managed to approve its third budgets, which amount to 5,273 million euros with a spending ceiling at all-time highs, thanks to the agreement reached with Eh Bildu, who has abstained, and the votes in favor of the PSN and its partners Geroa Bai, Podemos and Izquierda-Ezkerra.

Basque Country

The Basque Parliament approved on December 23 the second budgets of the legislature, which will allow the Executive of Iñigo Urkullu to manage 13,107 million euros in 2022, 5.3% more than this year, with the aim of boosting the economy, employment and the public investment at a time of crisis caused by the pandemic.

C. Valenciana

The plenary session of Les Corts Valencianes has approved, with the votes of the PSPV, Commitment and United We Can, the Generalitat’s budgets for 2022, the seventh of the Government of the Botànic Pact, which grew by 9.1% compared to the accounts for the current year, reaching 27,967 million euros.

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