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Andalusia studies mass vaccination of people over 80 years old in stadiums

Health personnel of a hospital in Seville.

Health personnel of a hospital in Seville.

The director of the Strategic Vaccination Plan of Andalusia, Dr. David Moreno, said this Tuesday that he is planning to carry out mass vaccinations against the coronavirus to people over 80 years old, without mobility problems, in large areas, such as congress centers or stadiums, something that is currently being studied.

Speaking to Canal Sur Radio, Moreno has stated that different vaccination strategies are being analyzed, one of which is that large dependents with mobility problems are vaccinated at home, while people over 80 who can move are vaccinated both in health centers and in large spaces enabled for it.

They are different vaccination strategies, as he stressed, to reach this type of population as quickly as possible, and has also referred to the possibility offered by the screening trucks to bring vaccination also especially to rural areas.

On the other hand, Moreno has considered “very difficult” to reach the month of June with 70% of the population immunized against the coronavirus, due to the rate at which vaccines are arriving at the moment. He has defended that the Andalusian health system has the capacity to supply up to 350,000 doses of the vaccine weekly if that amount arrives.

Moreno has indicated that this week they are expected to be between 75,000 and 80,000 doses, a figure that is far from that request that the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, has made for 350,000 weekly vaccines to reach Andalusia.

Criticisms of the vaccination rate

At the rate at which vaccines are arriving, as he added, it is necessary to place ourselves in a scenario that 70% of the Spanish population will not be immunized until 2022.

Right now in Andalusia there are 90,880 people who have already been given the two doses of the vaccine. Moreno explained that immunity arises a week after receiving the second dose and that vaccination prevents the person from getting sick, but it is not yet clear if they can be a carrier of the virus and transmit it, so they have to continue to maintain all the measures of security.

Likewise, he has pointed out that there have been some specific cases in the world of infection in people already vaccinated with both doses.

Moreno has indicated that, without a doubt, cases of contagion may occur, as has been seen, after having received a first dose of the vaccine, since immunity is only acquired a week after receiving the second dose.

Regarding the possibility of extracting six doses from one vial of the Pfizer vaccine, has pointed out that Andalusia has enough syringes that have this capacity, although it is not an easy task. He pointed out that last week six doses were removed from 98 percent of the vials.

Likewise, he has insisted on defending Andalusia’s ability to put up 350,000 weekly vaccinations, pointing out that there is already an experience with the flu vaccination campaign, with up to 435,000 doses of the vaccine supplied in the third week of November.

“If we are capable of that, we are capable of doing it with the Covid vaccine. We have health personnel and infrastructure to be able to put these 350,000 weekly vaccines perfectly, “he stressed.

Regarding the level of acceptance of vaccination, David Moreno has pointed out that in Andalusia it is “very high”, since 98 percent of residents and workers of nursing homes have been vaccinated, and 83 percent of professionals health, among which there is still 15 percent who have not yet decided whether to get vaccinated.

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