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Andra Day: ‘I want to be sexy and powerful in an awards outfit’ | Films

ORS singer-songwriter Andra Day plays the titular protagonist in United States vs Billie Holiday. His acclaimed performance as Vacations, her first role in the film, has earned him multiple accolades, including a Golden Globe by best actress and a Oscar nomination.

As the Golden Globe for best actress in the drama category was announced on February 28, Andra Day sat in a hotel room in West Hollywood with her hands clasped in prayer under her chin. In normal times, only a single guest would have been allowed at the awards ceremony, but this time the 36-year-old woman, who stars in United States vs Billie HolidayShe was joined by family and friends, the film’s co-stars, and members of her publicity team.

When Day’s name was read, the room erupted in collective joy. In a video posted on her Instagram account, you can see Day rolling on the floor in a Chanel silk dress, laughing in disbelief. “I was really surprised,” she tells me. “It was so overwhelming.”

The disbelief was genuine. Day had never acted in a movie before and faced seasoned stars for the award, including Viola Davis and Carey Mulligan. Growing up in San Diego, her interest in the performing arts leaned toward dance and music. In 2015, with the support of Stevie Wonder, she released her debut album. Cheers to the fall. When encouraged to audition for the role of Billie Holiday in a Lee Daniels movie, Day initially refused. “I tried to get out of it multiple times,” he says. “I love Billie Holiday so much, and the idea of ​​being a stain on her legacy kept coming to my mind.”

Andra Day in the United States vs Billie Holiday.
Andra Day in the United States vs Billie Holiday. Photograph: Takashi Seida / AP

Her fears, which persisted throughout the shoot, proved unfounded: Day provides an extraordinary and visceral incarnation of the drug-ridden and FBI-ridden jazz singer of her later years. The response to acting, also nominated for best actress at the Oscars, has convinced her that, after all, she might have a chance to act. “I don’t know if I want to do a lot more acting, but I would like to tell more of our stories, so that more marginalized and repressed narratives are made. “

It wasn’t until after the Golden Globes ceremony that Day learned that she was just the second black woman in history to win that award, after Whoopi Goldberg for The color Purple in 1986. “That means that for 35 years, black women felt inadequate in this space. It really reminds me that the representation is huge, which is what makes me say, okay, I want to stay in this business and be another voice. “

As for her Oscar hopes, Day will attend this year’s intimate ceremony in person, but says, “I still feel like I’m processing a Golden Globes win, I’m still processing a Golden Globe. nomination. I’m way behind when it comes to processing things. I am really grateful. “

Favorite anecdote from the awards ceremony?
Regina King surprised me on victory night [by appearing in person behind Day to congratulate her while she was in the middle of a live TV interview with Access Hollywood]. That was insane.

Where do you keep your Golden Globe??
It’s actually still stored in the case it was delivered in, because I haven’t found the perfect place for it, and I’m afraid that dust or fingerprints will collect.

What are you looking for in an awards outfit?
This season I’m looking for something that makes my body look great. I want to be sexy and powerful. For the Golden Globes, I wore this amazing Chanel silk dress, handcrafted with all the sequins. It was beautiful and elegant and it fit her very well.

The strangest goodie bag item?
One of those abdominal things that you put on your stomach and tickle until you have an eight pack. It hasn’t worked for me yet.

United States vs Billie Holiday Is available in Sky Cinema

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