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Andy Jassy, ​​the new CEO of Amazon, sends a letter to employees to publicize the current guidelines of the company: what are they

Andy Jassy highlights in his first email to Amazon staff the customer service with speed and the care of the human team.

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The new CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy, ​​assumed his new responsibility on July 5 and this Tuesday he sent the company’s staff an email in which Let us see the way in which he will manage the company, after the leadership of its founder Jeff Bezos.

The email was obtained by Eugene Kim from Business Insider and provides insight into the path of the new administration.

Jassy first highlights the time she has worked with Bezos, plus two decades, and immediately points out that they will continue. focused on improving the lives of Amazon customers every day, while noting that teammates will be taken care of to grow and be successful in their careers.

The new CEO emphasizes that he continues to be passionate about working at Amazon, a company he joined in 1977, and that since then has been characterized by its customer focus and its constant evolution: “If you want to change outcomes for clients, you have to be willing (and hungry) to constantly invent and reinvent.”

He defines the work team as “strategically patient, but tactically impatient”, while stressing that “speed is disproportionately important to customers.” For this reason, he urges the team to “Move quickly to understand what matters to customers, solve their problems, make their lives easier, and keep inventing on their behalf”, All of that says Jassy, ​​is the core of Amazon’s culture and will continue to be.

The manager recalled that when he started in the company there were only 250 employees and they have gone to more than 1.2 million and that he is aware that there are problems: “But, you should know that I care and that we will work together to make Amazon better every day“.

Here is an excerpt from the email sent by Andy Jassy:


I wanted to send out a quick note in my first week as CEO of Amazon to communicate a few things.

First, I am truly honored to take on this role. I have a lot of respect for Jeff, I have been fortunate to work directly for him for almost 20 years and I know what a great responsibility it is to do this job. You have my commitment, as well as the commitment of the leadership team in general, to remain focused on improving the lives of clients every day, and to do so while also taking care of our teammates, helping them grow and be successful in their careers.

Second, I love Amazon. I’ve been here for over 24 years, have worked in many of our businesses, and am even more passionate about Amazon than when I arrived in 1997. Working in a company that starts with the customer and then evolves its strategies and tactics is unusual. Many companies claim they do, but few actually do. Amazon is weird in this regard …

… Third, I just want you to know that you, my fellow Amazonians, I care a lot about you. I started at Amazon when there were only 250 employees. We now have more than 1.2 million. It has happened fast, especially over the past decade, as our businesses have grown.

With our size, the pace we try to keep up for clients, and our penchant for experimentation, we won’t get it all right. We have problems that we must work on; some we can solve quickly, others will take longer. But, you should know that I care and that we will work together to make Amazon better every day …

Finally, I want us all to remember the role that Amazon continues to play in the world. It is quite extraordinary. We ship and deliver tens of millions of packages to customers every day. That was when we were not in a pandemic.

During the pandemic, that number increased significantly as we helped many people obtain medical supplies, food and other essentials they needed while physical stores were closed. Probably, like many of you, many people have told me “thank goodness for Amazon, I don’t know how I could have gotten through this without them”. We also provide business continuity to millions of customers through AWS, while helping companies like Zoom, Netflix, Blackboard and Epic Games handle the sudden and sustained surge of so many people planted full time in their homes (I’m not sure if you know the game Fornite, but my son seemed very grateful that it worked well).

… This is a good summary of the impact we are creating in the world, and we are just getting started. It is too early to see how we will serve consumers, marketers, developers, businesses, authors, artists, creators, and other partners. But we will do this together, listening to customers, understanding their needs, and innovating on their behalf to improve their lives.

I hope to continue the adventure together.


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