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Ángel Pajuelo dresses as ‘9’

Sillero celebrates with Pajuelo the winning goal against Navalcarnero. / E. DOMEQUE


The Villanovense captain scored the winning goal against Navalcarnero that serves the Serones to climb the table

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To show off you have to suffer and Villanovense knew how to do it to add three valuable points against a Navalcarnero that he equals with 28 in the standings. A triumph that came from the boots of an Ángel Pajuelo who, for the second week in a row, found himself with a goal he is not used to. A victory by the minimum that was not without suffering.

With Higor Rocha in the stands due to suspension, José González ‘Gus’ opted for the entry of the captain serón in the starting eleven, although in a slightly more advanced position than usual. The other novelty was that of Javi Sánchez, already recovered from his injury, who took Escudero’s place as Dan Ojog’s partner in the center of the rear. The rest, the same eleven as the one arranged against Alcorcón B. Although the demand of Navalcarnero was much higher.

Villanovense began looking to hurt the people of Madrid with high pressure that the visiting team knew how to manage. The serones were the first to generate danger with a clear chance at minute 11 for Mario González after a good action inside the area that ended with a tight shot that the goalkeeper sent for a corner with some luck. Navalcarnero also responded with some danger through Miki, but his attempt went over Lázaro’s goal. It was the 13th minute and, three minutes later, another chance came for Luis Lara who crossed too much a ball that skimmed the base of the post.

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The Extremaduran team suffered these first attacks, but the best antidote was about to fall, that of the goal. To do this, Pajuelo appeared in the 23rd minute, ending an action started by Tala from the left-handed lane with a measured cross to the far post so that Guille Perero assisted captain Serón with a header (1-0).

The most difficult part was already done, opening the scoring, but there was an hour of play ahead to resist. And the Navalcarnero was not going to make it easy. In minute 25, Ian tried with a shot that went wide, although the Madrid siege was somewhat more intense in the second half, which was reached with that minimal advantage after Ohemeng pardoned the second by not taking advantage of a rebound from a great shot by Guille Perero after a counter kick started by Mario González.


Lazarus; Samu Hurtado, Dan Ojog, Javi Sánchez (Escudero, min. 76), Tala, Javi Pérez, Mario González (Javier Tapia, min. 76), Pajuelo (Benji, min. 88), Ohemeng (Runy, min. 81), Guille Perero (Tapia, min. 88) and Sillero.


Sergio Rodriguez; Ocaña, David, Fratelli, Martín (Asier Parra, min. 73), Luis Lara (Kun, min. 73), Álex Gil (David Sánchez, min. 73), Miki, Hugo, Álex García and Ian.

  • GOAL
    1-0: Pajuelo, min. 23.

    Jorge Álvarez Dorado (Andalusian). He admonished Escudero and Samu Hurtado for the locals and Ocaña and David for the visitors.

    About 700 spectators in the Municipal Villanovense.

In the second act, the serones did not know how to find the goal of tranquility, but one more week they did know how to keep a clean sheet to add three. But that they did not find the goal does not mean that they did not look for it. In minute 58, Samu Hurtado had it with a poisoned cross from the right that he hit the crossbar. Two minutes later, Ohemeng returned to the area with a shot that ended in a corner kick.

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Meanwhile, at the Navalcarnero it was Martín who was shooting from the balcony of the area far from the goal of the Villanovense goalkeeper. After the hour of play, Sillero shot too cross in another new arrival of danger for the serones.

Gus then moved the bench to bring on Escudero, who had seen the yellow card on the bench, and Javier Tapia instead of Javi Sánchez and Mario. Shortly after, Ohemeng left his place to Runy, Gus exhausting the changes with the entry of Benji and Tapia for Pajuelo and Guille Perero.

Time was running out for Navalcarnero and his arrivals in Álex Lázaro’s area did not finish materializing on clear goal occasions against a Villanovense who tried to temporize the game until minute 90. But the adjusted score meant that added time they were made eternal before celebrating three points with which the serones presume to see themselves above.

José González, ‘Gus’: “You have to keep your feet on the ground more than ever”

“We suffered, but I think it was normal,” José González ‘Gus’ confessed after the win, “it was a difficult game, at first it was difficult for us to adapt, but the goal gave us confidence.” The Villanovense coach also expressed his satisfaction for beating Navalcarnero, “a good rival, it is a very difficult team to analyze and whenever you win against a rival of this type it is to be satisfied.”

On the other hand, Gus was proud of the defensive work of his team, «we once again have a clean sheet, which is very important; I prefer to win 1-0 than 2-1. But after four games without losing, with three consecutive wins, he is cautious: “You have to keep your feet on the ground more than ever and work with the humility that characterizes us.”

As for the keys to this good dynamic, Gus points to his footballers, «the coaches win on the blackboard, but then they are the ones who execute; I also have to emphasize that today the physical waste of the entire team has been brutal.

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