Monday, November 30

Àngels Chacon, proclaimed PDeCAT candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat

The former Minister of Business of the Catalan Generalitat, Àngels Chacon, was officially proclaimed this morning as a PDeCAT candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat. Chacon has obtained 93% of the votes of the militancy of the nationalist formation to attend as head of the list in the autonomous elections of Catalonia on February 14. The former councilor was the only leader who appeared in the PDeCAT primaries. This internal process started once PDeCAT and JxCat formalized their breakup. Months ago, both formations attempted an integration, which has not finally been possible, in such a way that Carles Puigdemont will electorally face the party with which he was invested as president of the Generalitat. Puigdemont has been followed by other former leaders of the party founded by Artur Mas in 2016, such as Miquel Buch, Jordi Turull, Josep Rull, Meritxell Budó, Lluís Puig or Quim Forn, among others.

Those who have decided to stay in PDeCAT are Artur Mas and Chacon herself. It was this decision, that of not joining JxCat, that led to the departure of the already candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat of the Government of Quim Torra. The nationalist formation then spoke of purges, but what it did achieve was that the former councilor gained more visibility among the pro-independence militancy. “Many doubted that we would get here, or believed that we would give in to pressure, but this project is not about positions or chairs. Above people, there are collective projects, above all is our country, “said Chacon in the speech addressed to the militancy to confirm his candidacy. The candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat stands out from the disruptive path that JxCat advocates. He declares himself 100% pro-independence, but shuns the most radical positions and is committed to a return to moderation of the old Convergència. “We are independentists, yes, but we do not want to renounce our model of country. We demand respect for ideological diversity ”, he pointed out.

The space of the sovereign center right begins to clear up. The two formations that were earliest when it came to proclaiming their candidates have been the PNC, which bets on Marta Pascal, and the PDeCAT, which does so for Chacon. At the moment, no survey gives them the chance to enter the Parliament, although to date the polls did not expressly ask about either of the two options. Both will face JxCat in the field of the pro-independence center right, which still has not defined its electoral poster. The Minister of Territory, Damià Calvet, confirmed this morning that he will attend the primaries. In his opinion, the leader should be Puigdemont, who continues without moving a tab or confirming whether he will appear. If it concurs, JxCat will have to elect its effective candidate in primaries, since the former president could not be inaugurated in case of victory. The two nationalist leaders who have already run are Calvet and the party’s spokesperson in Congress, Laura Borràs.

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