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Animals are freezing to death in this Texas sanctuary

(CNN) –– Extreme temperatures in Texas are causing deaths among humans and animals alike.

After continued power outages hit much of the state earlier this week, animals at the sanctuary Primarily Primates of San Antonio died frozen.

Among the victims were a chimpanzee, many monkeys, some lemurs and countless birds.

“I never thought my office would become a morgue. But it has happened, ”said Brooke Chávez, CEO of Primarily Primates, at the San Antonio Express-News.

Chávez said he won’t know how many animals have died until the storm subsides. And the forecasts anticipate more winter weather until this Friday.

Texas, the state with the most people without electricity 1:51

Sanctuary must decide which animals it can save in the cold in Texas

After an early power outage Monday, Chávez and his 12-person team got down to business.

They began collecting generators, space heaters, propane tanks and blankets to keep their 400 animals warm, reported the San Antonio Express-News.

But, as temperatures continued to drop, the plan shifted from preservation to evacuation.

texas animals

A capuchin monkey is pictured at Primarily Primates, Inc. in 2010, in San Antonio, Texas.

“I have never faced a decision like this,” Chávez told the newspaper. “Having to decide who we can save, depending on the predictability of which animals we can catch,” he added.

And, while moving to manage transportation, the team began to find dead animals.

‘Someone asked me how many animals have died. I still don’t know, ”explained Chávez. “I know we lost a lot of monkeys, lemurs and tropical birds.”

Still, many of the sanctuary’s residents were evacuated.

Some went to the San Antonio Zoo and to a sanctuary near the Oklahoma border. Others were transferred to the homes of the volunteers.

Chimpanzees remain in the sanctuary, 33 of them. This, after checking the difficulty of transporting them, according to Express-News.

Primarily Primates continues to ask for donations in its Facebook page.

Extreme cold and tragedies continue

Low temperatures in Texas They have not finished.

The power grid of most of the state ordered more power outages to maintain the network. Additionally, Austin Energy has notified its customers of the suspensions until Wednesday and possibly beyond.

The winter storm hitting Texas is dangerous. Not only for its low temperatures, but for the duration of the cold without respite.

Continuous freezing temperatures do not allow homes and buildings to heat up naturally. And, without electricity, Texans are forced to improvise to warm themselves.

Many have turned to heating sources such as stoves, generators, and even their cars, causing a increase of carbon monoxide poisoning, CNN affiliate KTRK-TV reported.

Tragedies continue and the death toll rises as the state prepares for more extreme weather.

More of 3 million people in Texas they were without power on Wednesday.

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