Tuesday, May 18

Anna Delvey | “In a way, crime pays”: the false heiress who swindled New York high society in an interview with the BBC

  • BBC Newsnight y Vicky Baker
  • BBC News

Anna Sorokin


Anna Sorokin used the false identity of Anna Delvey.

After being released from prison, Anna Sorokin, the con artist known as “the false heiress”, says she is trying to make the most of the fraud she committed.

Sorokin became famous for posing as a wealthy member of high society of New York, with which he managed to commit fraud that accumulated more than US $ 270,000.

Using the false identity of Anna Delvey, Sorokin lived in five-star hotels, wore high-fashion designer clothes, attended exclusive partiesHe traveled in private jets and gave generous tips of US $ 100.

After more than three years in prison for crimes he committed, on February 11 he was in conditional freedom.


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