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‘Anonymous’ hacks Russian television to broadcast images of the War in Ukraine

  • The group of ‘hackers’ continues to attack Putin and claims to be running “the largest anonymous operation ever seen”

The hacker group’anonymous‘ states that he has hacked various broadcasts of the main russian tv channels to avoid official censorship, as he assured this Monday through his Twitter account.

According to the profile of ‘anonymous‘, the intervention in the state channels has allowed broadcast images of the war in Ukraine that have been seen in different parts of Russia. The pirated channels have been ‘Russia 24’, ‘Channel One’ and ‘Moscow 24’. Also, the ‘hackers‘ They would have managed to intervene ‘Wink’ and ‘Ivi’, audiovisual servers similar to Netflix that have thousands of subscribers in the country.

In the message published on social networks to claim responsibility for the attack, a recording appears about the apparent blocking of the channels in which content related to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops was disseminated.

Open war against Putin

Gaining control of some of the major Russian televisions is just one more step within the numerous actions that the famous group of hackers has prepared against the Russian government.

It should be remembered that on Thursday, February 24, ‘Anonymous’ officially declared computer warfare to Vladimir Putin. She did it through her Twitter account, which despite not being verified on the network has 7.8 million followers. Two days later, on Saturday, February 26, the group brought down the Kremlin’s institutional website in an operation that Moscow described as an “unprecedented attack.”

Since then, the computer has become one more front in the war between Russia and Ukraine. The 28th dayanonymous‘ also managed to attack some renowned Russian media such as the ‘TASS’ agency, the ‘Kommersant’ newspaper and the Russian version of ‘Forbes’; through which he spread a message calling to “stop the madness” that the invasion of Ukraine supposes and “not to send to certain death” Russian citizens.

In the last hours, in addition, the Twitter profile of the group of ‘hackers’ has published several images Linking Putin to Nazism. One of the most viral photos shows the famous Z of the Russian tanks next to a swastika.

They fear being discredited

In a signed thread this morning, ‘anonymous‘ has explained that we are before “the largest anonymous operation ever seen“; so they are concerned that some governments see them “as a threat” and create scenarios to put them in a bad place.

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For this reason, they insist through their publication that their position is always against war and against all kinds of violence.

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