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Another Copa del Rey Mapfre begins




Yesterday ended the first part of the Copa del Rey Mapfre. When the boats go out today to face the fourth day of the regatta, they will each do so with the points that mark the positions in which they finished yesterday, that is, the leader will have one point, the second, two, the third, three , the fourth, four … this system, which was put into operation by the last Organizing Committee chaired by Javier Sanz in 2019 is one of the most unfair known in prestigious regattas and I do not know the real reason why not He has removed it in the new Organizing Committee, chaired by Emerico Fuster.

The opinions among skippers, owners and sailors go by neighborhoods. To what benefits they say that the system is well structured and to those that it harms, they say the opposite. Let’s take an example so that it is well understood: yesterday when the day ended in the Herbalife J70 class, the leader Patakin added 19 points and the last one, Les Roches, 41, so the difference was 20 points. Today when they come out that difference will be 5 points since the leader will have one and the last will have 6.

One more reason to give a couple of twists to the sailing instructions of this Copa del Rey, which seems to have been imposed by the enemy. Unfair and unpopular this rule will win and lose regattas as a second chance in the middle of the regatta.

Nico Martinez
Nico Martinez

Good day

Yesterday the Embat entered, the prevailing wind in the bay of Palma, with an intensity of 10 knots, enough to complete a wonderful day of racing. Two races in the ORC (BMW), Swan and IRC Division and three in the Women’s Cup and the J70s. In class I of the ORC, the star of this Copa del Rey Mapfre, the favorites do not click. The Argentines of From Now On lead with 19.5 points (morning 1) followed by Aifos, which is skippered by the King, with 22 (morning 2) and Hydra with 25.5 (morning 3). Two rounds won by Hydra, the first and by Rats of Fire, which woke up yesterday from a two-day slumber and will start today with 4 points, three behind the leader when it should have done at nine and a half.

We will see when the day is over the boats that have done three magnificent days and click on the fourth how they will react to the rule.

Precisely the one who is currently the leader of the ORC2 classification, the Soho Theater, by Javier Banderas and Luis Doreste, lost the regatta in 2019 after leading it easily. This year, the Banderas boat has won 5 heats and has a second, thus leading by six points over the Valencians of the M8, owned by the Francés brothers. Today when they come out that advantage will be reduced to two points.

Nico Martinez
Nico Martinez


The Mallorca Sotheby’s Women’s Cup class, which is run with J80 boats and is exclusively for women (another of the rules that must be changed in the Copa del Rey Mapfre) suffered a turnaround in the classification. Dorsia Covirán, who could not dribble yesterday because he broke the pole on Tuesday when he had already finished the day when approached by Now4, has placed leader thanks to the fact that the jury has compensated him for the three rounds of yesterday with an RDG (repair points with the average number of positions he has made in the first six rounds). In any case, as the “final phase” of the Copa del Rey Mapfre begins today, they will start as leader with a single point advantage over Profand, by Patricia Suárez.

All classes are altered by this rule, but to give another graphic example, in the ORC3 class Laplaza leads with 17 points and scores 85 points from the last classified, Petit Chasseur, who today when they go out to haggle will remain in 18 points.

The quality of the Swan 50 fleet that is sailing in this Copa del Rey Mapfre is unquestionable, but there are three boats that stand out especially. The Hatari, by Marcus Brennecke, the Bronenosec, by Polina Lyubomirova and the Niramo, by Sonke Meier are the firm candidates for the final triumph. Remember that these boats are manned by professionals, but they are necessarily driven by the owner. The Spanish Tenaz, by Pablo Garriga, occupies the ninth position with 37 points, which today will be 8, from the leader.

Today then, a new Copa del Rey Mapfre begins and all that has been haggled so far is wet paper.

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