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Another delay in the works to access the center has turned the street upside down for half a year

The Virgen de la Cabeza street is still under construction to have the sidewalk next to the orchard finished.

The Virgen de la Cabeza street is still under construction to have the sidewalk next to the orchard finished.

New delay in the works of a key access to the city center. The remodeling of Virgen de la Cabeza street will be extended at least this month leaving a vial upside down for half a year, as it should have been finished by December. The reason for the delay, according to the Department of Mobility, is that the company that is in charge of the work is having problems with the supply of materials and will not be able to meet, again, with the expected deadlines.

The urbanization is in the final stretch. It remains to complete the pavement of the sidewalk adjacent to the palm orchards, place the street lamps and the lighting of the ground. The times that the awardee has given to the City Council, according to the mayor of the area, Esther DiezIt is 15 days of work, once they have the materials, they expect to receive them all this week. Hence, it is foreseeable that they will continue during February, unless new unforeseen events arise.

“We have urged the company to finish as soon as possible. However, in the face of this breach, we will assess with the Contracting department what measures to take in this regard, “says the Councilor for Mobility. At the moment, the municipal decision does not go through terminating the contract since if it were to do so, the completion of the street would be extended even longer, several months in fact, by having to re-contract the works with another company. According to Díez, the current concessionaire has committed to the City Council that they will solve the problem and that they will finish the work “yes or yes”.

Another delay in the works to access the center has turned the street upside down for half a year

Either way, the project of what you intend being a “gateway” to Elche is choking more than the local executive. There are already two extensions that the government team has to grant to the successful bidder due to previous delays.

The first was in December, due to the delay caused by the burying of power lines, which was not taken into account at first. However, the project has also had to be expanded with unforeseen events on some sidewalks, which have required more work than projected, and which forced an increase in the budget by 32,000 euros. Once this action is finished, it will have involved a total investment of 296,000 euros, which is 12% of the cost with which it was awarded.

The second delay came in January because several workers were infected with coronavirus. However, the agility of the company to finish the works is not being as desired, which is also causing inconvenience for parents, students and teachers of the Candalix and Luis Cernuda schools, as well as for the pedestrians who use this street to get to the train or bus station.

Entrance gate

Once the remodeling is finished, Virgen de la Cabeza street will have a renewed image. How? The parking lines (about 60) disappear and the Candalix parking lot will also be reduced to widen the sidewalks and create a bus lane. Lines J and H will be diverted along this road, which will have a stop at the beginning and another at Puerta de Alicante. The east side of the street is the one that the City Council has decided to extend to enhance the pedestrian route. There will be two types of pavement and in the area of ​​the orchards there will be palm trees that are illuminated to beautify the area and improve the feeling of security.

Open to traffic after suffering cuts and detours since the summer

Cars can now circulate on Virgen de la Cabeza street after having been closed to traffic for several months in an interrupted way, which has forced drivers to have to deviate. to go to the city center or to cross it and get to Filet de Fora. The work, which began in August, brought with it more cuts than initially planned, which has been more of a headache for many, among other things to access the Candalix car park. Now, although the remodeling continues on one of the sidewalks, vehicles can already pass through this access to the center since last week.

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