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Another four of the thirteen escaped passengers from Palma’s ‘aerial patera’ were arrested in Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca



The National Police and the Civil Guard have arrested in Sa Pobla (Mallorca) four escaped Moroccans of the Air Arabia plane that made an emergency landing in Palma on November 5 to attend to one of the detainees, who was allegedly suffering from a diabetic coma. As reported by the National Police, the arrest was carried out in a square in the town of Sa Pobla, thanks to a joint operation of the National Police and the Civil Guard.

The four detainees will go to judicial disposition this morning in the courts of Inca and, predictably, after their statement before the judge, they will enter the Palma jail. There are still others nine escapees and it is known that at least two of them left the island on a boat to Barcelona.

Meanwhile, the other twelve passengers involved in the ‘airboat’ remain in prisonafter the head of the court number 6 of Palma, who was on duty last Monday, supported in her car the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, which demanded provisional detention, communicated and without bail due to the seriousness of the facts and the evident risk of leakage.

The order of the magistrate imputes to them two different crimes of sedition, coercion and favoring of irregular immigration. Before that, he tried to take a statement from the accused, although all they refused to speak. The only exception was the alleged patient, who claimed his innocence, assured that he is diabetic and that he did have an illness during the flight. In addition, he insisted that he did not know any of the others involved in the illegal entry into Spain.

“There was chaos and aggressiveness”, according to judge Rosa Mas, about this incident that forced the closure of the Son Sant Joan airport for four hours and affected about 60 planes that had to be delayed or diverted to other airports.

The 24 Moroccans who escaped took advantage of the lack of surveillance of the aircraft to generate “an important altercation within it and reprimand and intimidate the crew,” details the order of Judge Rosa Mas collected by the local newspaper. The magistrate explained that the captain did not authorize the departure, and that the cabin crew did not close the doors of the plane because “they feared for their physical integrity”, since some passengers were “very nervous”.

In her decision, the judge considered that there are sufficient indications that it is a “moderately organized” group and that the action was premeditated. He insisted that “it caused chaos at the airport due to an incident caused and organized, unprecedented in European airspace and of international dimensions, with the press from all over the world echoing the events that occurred and questioning the safety of the airspace.” .

In addition, it stated that “they were directly opposed to the fulfillment of the orders given to them by the commander and the flight coordinator” and that “a hostile and intimidating situation” and exercised “Serious constraints” on the commander, the crew and the rest of the passage. There were another 120 people on the flight. Twenty of them decided not to continue the journey and stayed in Palma. The rest traveled back to Casablanca and not to Istanbul, which was their destination.

The Police suspect that the operation was previously coordinated as shown, for example, by the publication of a similar plan in a Moroccan Facebook group called ‘Brooklyn’, where several of the detainees were. «Guys, listen, most of them want to emigrate. Follow this plan: we need 40 volunteers. All the boys from Brooklyn who book a plane to Turkey and fly over Spain ”, claimed last July the user with the acronym YS, a young man from Casablanca who works as administrator of the group. «In the middle of the flight that someone feels unwell, everything will be agreed, who and how. The airline will tell you that you are about to arrive in Turkey and at that time you have to request to be assisted. They will have to help you, to which the airline will end up giving in so as not to give a bad image, even if it means extra expense. Once there he will be assisted and you will have the opportunity, “he explained.

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