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Another Latino labor scandal Richard Carranza, former New York school chancellor: courtship with an employee he brought from Houston with a luxury salary

Richard Carranza with former junior Raquel Sosa, September 2021.

Photo: Facebook / Courtesy

A new scandal of possible conflict of interest shakes the legacy of Richard Carranza, former NYC school Chancellor of Mexican origin, who served from 2018 to March of this year, when he resigned claiming he needed time to mourn eleven loved ones lost to COVID-19.

But shortly after Carranza was hired by the educational technology company “IXL Learning” to which he himself had secured services for millions of dollars with the NYC Department of Education (DOE) under his management, records show.

Now, according to New York Post, Carranza is living in San Antonio (Texas) with Raquel Sosa, a senior employee who has just resigned from the DOE and whom he himself had hired with an annual salary of thousands of dollars, bringing her from Houston to New York in 2018. “Their relationship seems to confirm a complaint that Carranza used his powerful position to favor his friends, but that the investigators of the schools of the city ignored ”, said the newspaper.

“In December 2018, eight months after Carranza became New York City Chancellor, his administration appointed Sosa (…) Senior Director of ELLs (English Language Learners)” with an annual starting salary of $ 149,000 Dollars.

A few months later, in October 2019, Sosa got a promotion, upon being named “Senior Director of Development, Support, and Implementation in the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning.” His annual income was $ 156,274 in 2020. He was working remotely until mid-July and her last day as a NYC public employee was last Tuesday, August 31, DOE spokeswoman Katie O’Hanlon confirmed.

Last week, Carranza and Sosa posted photos hugging each other on Facebook. Former Arizona native chancellor and who is also Mariachi singer, would have thus generated a conflict of interest with your subordinate and current partner, in addition to hiring the company “IXL Learning” to provide services to the DOE, for which he now works.

According to New York City laws, municipal employees cannot look for work, not even send a resume, discuss opportunities or interviews, with a company with which they are dealing as part of their work, highlights the Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB).

Sosa met Carranza when he was serving as a Houston school superintendent and she was the principal of a public school in that city. Sosa was already divorced when he moved to New York in 2018, and he separated from his wife Monique in August 2020, but they remain legally married, according to court records.

The hiring of Sosa and two more friends from California, where Carranza was superintendent of schools in San Francisco, he generated a complaint in early 2019 with the Special Investigation Commissioner for New York Schools (SCI).

A complaint letter said the DOE put them on the payroll in 2018 “under the direction of Chancellor Carranza,” without announcing vacancies, as is customary, and without interviewing other candidates. At that moment, Carranza described the criticism as a form of prejudice against him for being “a man of color.”

A spokeswoman declined to say if the SCI investigated the accusations or why the Commission closed that case, and insisted that the Mayor Bill de Blasio he had not influenced the course of that complaint.

Previously, in 2015, Carranza was also involved in an alleged case of sexual abuse and a lawsuit for discrimination against women in San Francisco.

On the new scandal, Carranza and Sosa have issued comments to the press, but on their pages of Facebook They talk openly about their relationship. In his profile, he claims to be “Raquel’s partner.”

Richard Carranza is also a mariachi singer / Facebook


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