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Another member of the command that assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïse arrested in Jamaica

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Finally, the search and arrest warrant issued by the Haitian National Police after the assassination of Jovenel Moïse has come true and Mario Antonio Palacios Palacios he has been arrested while staying overnight in a pension located in the interior of Jamaica, in the area of ​​St Mary. The area had been under police radar for weeks. The news has now been released, however, the arrest would have occurred at the beginning of October, as reported by the Jamaican media The Cleaner. Palacios would have entered the Caribbean country as an incognito, and as unidentified official sources testify, it is unknown how he arrived on the island. The police forces on the island, known as the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), initially confirmed the arrest, according to Jamaica Observer, but for immigration violations that Interpol later clarified.

Arrested without resisting, Palacios was allegedly part of the first commando of retired Colombian military personnel that broke into the National Palace on July 7 when Moïse, the president of Haiti, was asleep, and that was tortured to the end of his life with 12 shots between large-caliber, 9-millimeter shots. The first lady, Martine, who may not be able to use her right arm because of the bullet holes, miraculously saved her life: “They thought she was dead,” she declared months after the assault by the group of Colombian hitmen together with several Haitian-American translators. The two children of the marriage managed to escape unscathed crouching in the bathroom with their pet. Subsequently, the Haitian authorities arrested 40 suspects and three were killed in the chases with the Haitian Police.

Threats and torture

Last September, the 18 soldiers who remain in prison declared in a letter torture that included “death threats, burns with hot oil and fire, wounds with stabbing weapons and hammers, blows to the head, arms and private parts. ». The relatives of the ex-soldiers involved in the murder demonstrated in early August to ask the Haitian government for “judicial guarantees, information on the health of the detainees and even a formal communication.” President Iván Duque He considered that all the members of the criminal group participated in the attack, but most of them, he maintains, were unaware of the criminal plan.

The unknowns about the intricate case remain: none of the 40 security guards were injured And it doesn’t help that among the suspects arrested are former soldiers, a former judge, a Florida insurance broker and two commanders from the president’s private security. According to the president’s widow, who does not rule out running for the country’s presidency, the true mastermind of the assassination remains free. Haitian-American Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a resident of Tampa (Florida), is arrested as the alleged mastermind. The false doctor He had political aspirations for ten years and in a YouTube video he declared that uranium and oil – and other wealth in the country – would not have served to improve the economy and well-being due to corruption and mismanagement.

As the locals tell us, the discontent of the Haitian people, accustomed to political corruption, was evident because Moïse surpassed the presidential mandate attached to power by decree. In addition, the ‘New York Times’ highlights their links to local gangs as institutions were emptied.

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