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Another mess in Social Action: the technical chief resigns in full emergency due to the covid

A moment of a session of the Social Emergency Subcommittee, with the presence of Mayor Llopis and the outgoing technical chief

A moment of a session of the Social Emergency Subcommittee, with the presence of Mayor Llopis and the outgoing technical chief
Hector Fuentes

New mess in the Department of Social Action who directs the popular Julia Llopis. The head of the service of the area has officially presented his resignation this morning from a position to which he acceded with the arrival of the tripartite to the municipal government, just over five years ago. The departure of the technician occurs in one of the worst moments of the council, after the social emergency produced by the crisis derived from the covid pandemic, with waiting lists of up to ten months to get a first appointment, coinciding with the departure of Eighty workers of the council when the annual contracts expire (which are expected to be renewed, although without a date) and after the approval of the new RPT (List of Work Positions), which everything indicates that it did not satisfy the interests defended by Social Action, according to municipal sources.

Through an internal communication, the outgoing service chief has made his resignation public, which must be approved by the area councilor. “This morning I presented by General Registry my resignation as Head of the Social Action and Family Service to the Councilor. I have Julia to thank [Llopis] the respect and consideration with which you have treated me during the time that we are working together. I only have to apologize if in any of my actions I have been able to cause any discomfort. For me it has been a privilege to work with all of you, something of which I am and will be eternally grateful and proud “.

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For United We Can, the resignation of the Head of the Social Action Service represents a “further blow to the disastrous management of Julia Llopis at the head of the council. A management, according to the purple coalition, “marked by its confrontations with the social fabric, which it shamelessly accuses of” barking “, and for allowing one more year that 80 workers of the Social Centers be fired and leave without attention to about 500 families “. The municipal spokesperson for United We Can, Xavier López, considers that “Julia Llopis constantly turns her back on vulnerable people, social entities and even the staff of her own council, which ultimately has an impact on the social services of Alicante suffer a delay of more than ten months to attend to people who need urgent help, especially in the social and health emergency situation that we are experiencing “. In addition, the spokesperson for United We Can recall that it is the “second change of Head of Service in the last two months, after María Conejero dismissed the official in charge of directing the Equality area, which is one more sample of the bipartisan ineffectiveness “.

Since Commitment, for his part, Councilor Rafael Mas has shown his “concern over the unexpected resignation of the head of the Social Action service.” The orange coalition has announced that they will ask for “explanations” from Mayor Llopis. “We will ask you to explain to us what is going to happen at this time where, in addition to the social crisis caused by the pandemic, Alacant must adhere to the Program Contract of the Conselleria de Polítiques Inclusives and guarantee the continuity of the personnel of the social areas that it is going to subsidize the Ministry directed by Mónica Oltra for four years “.

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