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Another night of riots by Pablo Hasel in Barcelona and Valencia while calm reigns in Madrid




Third consecutive night of riots after the arrest of Pablo Haeél. One more night the protests have taken to the streets of the heart of large Spanish cities such as Valencia and Barcelona, ​​where there is already a large police deployment. In Madrid, for the moment, even with the presence of riot police, calm reigns.

The concentration of about eight hundred people summoned in Valencia by the independence organization Arran in support of the rapper Pablo Hasel It has led to serious altercations of public order and police charges to contain the protesters who have tried to cut off traffic in the center of the capital of Turia. The National Police have arrested eight people.

The riots of this Thursday have occurred after the incidents last Tuesday by a similar concentration, called by the same entity, which resulted in the identification of six people who jumped the police cordon.

Image of one of the injured
Image of one of the injured – EFE

This Thursday, some radicals they have thrown stones and uttered grave insults to the agents of the National Police, who have had to charge to restore traffic. In the course of the incidents, several people have been injured.

After reading a manifesto in defense of jailed rapper, there have been moments of tension when some of the participants in the concentration have tried to leave the Plaza de San Agustín led by a banner, at which time the police officers have intervened to stop their advance and have charged at these people, to later form a police cordon to prevent the protest from spreading through the surrounding streets.

Image of the police intervention this Thursday in Valencia
Image of the police intervention this Thursday in Valencia – EFE

A group of people have tried to move towards the streets near the MuVIM, where they have thrown a glass container and thrown bottles to the cops. Some of them have dispersed while others have been stopped and placed against a wall by the officers. Incidents have also occurred when the participants have reached Calle San Vicente, and the police officers have charged again against some people. Some protesters they have pushed containers in the middle of the street.

Compromís, for his part, has denounced that the Police have attacked the deputy Carles Esteve and requests the resignation of the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero.


In Barcelona, ​​the third day of protests against the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel began in Plaza Tetuán, a few meters from the headquarters of the Department of the Interior, which has been the objective of the protesters today. Although the offices of the council were fully armored already in the early afternoon, several hundred have surrounded the building to throw stones and firecrackers at the police line.

As has been happening these days, the protest has gone from less to more. At eight in the afternoon there were about 500 people in Tetouan, mostly young people in a calm attitude. The concentrates, surrounded by a large police device, have been interspersing improvised performances of rappers with songs in favor of the release of the singer arrested this Monday in Lleida, convicted of crimes of glorifying terrorism and insults to the Crown. “Els carrers will be semper nostres” and “Spanish press, manipulative” were two of the songs (typical of the procés) that have been heard in this protest outside the independence movement but endorsed by secession entities and parties such as the CUP or the CDR.

«Urquinaona, we will do it again». As the minutes passed, those present have become excited and at eight o’clock they have started a strange circular route disorienting the hundreds of police officers deployed today in Barcelona. After going up, turning and going down several streets of the Barcelona expansion, the protesters, a little less than a thousand, have stood before the Department of the Interior of the Generalitat, at the center of the controversy in recent days due to the political debate generated by the management of riots. Not in vain, the Mossos are applying the slogans of the councilor (of Junts) to guarantee order but, in parallel, Puigdemont’s party prepares the ground for post-electoral negotiations with ERC by joining the CUP in its criticism of the autonomous police . The result? The Mossos are once again between a rock and a hard place with a functioning Government that wants to contain the anti-system drive in the streets and some parties that have turned the case of Hasel and the management of the riots into negotiating ammunition.

After a few minutes throwing stones at the police, the protesters have moved again. It should be noted that this time – and unlike the protests on Tuesday and Wednesday – a long time has passed between the start of the march and the first burning containers. In fact, the most excited protesters commented among themselves their surprise at today’s containment compared to the end of previous protests, in which the streets quickly caught fire. Finally, the protest has caught on in the nearby Aragón street, where the protesters have slowed down a barrier of containers several meters long and set it on fire. The Mosos, for their part, were bombarded with a shower of large stones.

Calm in Madrid

One day after the violence broke out in the Puerta del Sol and surrounding streets, the city of Madrid did not register any notable altercations. Police sources told this newspaper that they had no evidence of new disturbances, although the National Corps remains vigilant in the face of a more than predictable response from the radicals. Just yesterday, the Anti-Repressive Movement of Madrid announced a new call for Saturday at 7 pm, “in a place to be determined.” Under the slogan “acquittal arrested for showing solidarity with Pablo Hasel”, the rioters will unveil the enclave this Friday. It remains to be seen whether they will choose “kilometer zero” again, where the Police managed to isolate the mass, or, on the contrary, they will move to another less crowded area, but also less mediatic.

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