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Another plant facing Montero for financing: “They can’t count the kilometers more than people”

It was anticipated that the path that would lead to a new financing model was not going to be easy. But the fact that it is so tortuous even before debating the allegations to the draft presented by the Ministry of Finance last month, shows that it is going to be too complicated, if not impossible, to satisfy all the territories. The declarations of the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, last Thursday asking for “high vision” and that the proposals they present not only pursue the interest of each territory regarding which variables are the ones that best suit each community They have done nothing but add fuel to the fire. The vice president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, replied this Friday to the minister that the Valencian allegations “are good for everyone because they put people at the center.” A direct reference to the fact that the new model is based solely on the adjusted population criterion and not on others such as depopulation or dispersion requested by other regions, since it is considered that it is also covered. In case it had not been clear, Oltra replied to Montero that “it is to the people that we have to guarantee rights and public services, not to square kilometers” and repeated that, “if square kilometers count more than people We are being unfair to people.”

The words of the minister, who, in addition, urged the territories to give up an “aspiration of maximums” in order to find “a position that benefits us all”, have caused an earthquake in the Valencian Community by taking place only one day after to announce his arguments for the financing reform, highly critical of the ministerial proposal. A territory, furthermore, where the Botànic parties, plus the PP and Cs, and the social and economic agents, have formed a common front to endorse these allegations agreed by a committee of experts, appointed by the mixed commission between the Generalitat and the Cortes, and that they focus on the criterion of the new model should be centered on the adjusted population.

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Visibly annoyed, Oltra, after the plenary session of the Consell, pointed out that the only thing he asks of Minister Montero is a new “fair” and “constitutional” regional financing model that ends “the discrimination that Valencians have suffered for decades” . In addition, the vice president of the Consell asked the political parties, especially the Valencians, for “coherence” between what they say in the Community and what they vote for later in the Congress of Deputies.

The leader of the PPCV, Carlos Mazón, was even more critical of the statements of the Minister of Finance and described them as “insult” to the technical work done by the experts and approved, he recalled, unanimously. Mazón censured that Montero “destroy” the allegations document “without knowing it.” This fact, he said, “demonstrates the little vocation for a solution that this socialist government has.” For the president of the PPCV, the Government of Pedro Sánchez “is kidding us all” and lamented that Puig “does nothing to solve it.”

Mazón, who referred to the skeleton of the new financing model presented by the Ministry of Finance as a “disaster” and a “mockery” for the Valencian Community, demanded a forceful reaction from everyone in the face of what he considers an “intolerable” treatment by the central government.

The Consell will send the allegations to the Ministry of Finance on Monday, as announced by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig. The document also asks to address both the historical debt accumulated in recent years and fiscal co-governance between administrations.

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