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Answers of children in tests that deserve all the gifts of the Magi

The Three Wise Men reward the good behavior of children with toys. But the best are rESErved for those who behave well and are also fun. One of the ways in which children’s humor is expressed, usually involuntarily, is through class exercises and tests. Spontaneity and logic different from that of adults make them respond in such striking ways that they often go viral on social networks. As we did in 2018, we have compiled some of the best children’s test responses circulating on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the web. With answers like thESE, correcting becomes a much more palatable task for teachers.

1. Write the multiples of a number

“Not now, but another day yes” will know how to answer that question.

2. Put the name under the note

This score sounds great on Ferran sharp.

3. Order the letters

With an ESE in the third box, he would have shown that he also dominates plurals.

4. This course I want …

The teacher published the image in November 2019very, very, very far from summer.

5. Write the name of the autonomous communities

Ceuta is the land of acorn-fed ham in this exam.

6. What is the difference between domestic trade and foreign trade?

Domestic commerce is that you buy it aMercadona and foreign trade you buy it online ”.

7. Draw living and non-living beings

Better to draw a d(animal)imal than a stone.

8. What is a leap year?

A year in space with one more day than normal.

9. Take + Tip: Pencil Sharpener. Red + White:?

This student, surely from Atlético, he takes the course match by match.

10. Dictation: copy the words the teacher says.

“Alan, sit down” was not part of the dictation. It was what the teacher had ordered another student to do.

11. Name three situations where the rights of the child are violated.

For this girl, her rights are violated when shaskeded to “make the bed, do the chores and help at home.”

12. When is the filtering of the atmosphere most effective?

“What it says in the book”, an answer that is valid FOR EVERYTHING.

13. What kind of relationships can be established between individuals of the same species?

“The romances”, a response to which he does not lack reason.

14. Create a letter addressed to a Roman child where you explain what most caught your attention of Roman civilization.

What most caught my attention about Roman civilization It was that before women had that obedience and now we have no limits, nobody commands us ”.

15. Petitions under review

“At least 6 profess 😔”. Settles for little.

16. Show your reasoning

This is why my kid is going places.

– Bobby has four dimes. Amy has 30 pence. Which child has the most money?
– Bobby
– How do you know? Show your reasoning.
– 💭

Classics that resurrect from time to time on social networks

This type of children’s answers in exams is an internet classic and usually accumulates thousands of shares. Some of thESE answers are very old, but they resurface from time to time. In addition, sometimes they are versioned or slightly modified. ThESE are some of them.

17. Fractions

They are the matrioskas of mathematics.

18. In this second part of the year I want …

In the next line he clarifies that the explosion would have to be with no one inside.

19. Give me a good grade or I’ll go crazy

The cat was not to blame.

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