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“Anti-5G” pendants: what are they and why are they dangerous to health

Hundreds of people in the world say that 5-G technology is highly harmful.

Hundreds of people in the world say that 5-G technology is highly harmful.

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Although it does not exist scientific evidence that 5G technology is harmful to health, In Internet products are sold that offer “protection” against it. Paradoxically These products are “radioactive” and can put the health of those who use them at risk.

This is the conclusion of the Netherlands Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS), which has just issued a warning on a dozen products that “contain radioactive substances and continuously emit ionizing radiation”.

From pendants to sleep masks, charms and bracelets, some jewelry and accessories “Anti-radiation” and “anti-5G” sold on the Internet can be harmful to health if they are used for a long time, scientists say.

“Ionizing radiation can damage tissues and DNA. The amount of radiation measured in the examined products is low. However, in the case of prolonged and continuous use, it can exceed the legal limit of exposure of the skin to radiation ”.

These bracelets and charms are usually attached to the skin and are designed to be worn continuously, which is why the Dutch authorities have prohibited their sale.

The body advises “stop using these products, store them in a safe place and await instructions for their return ”, as radioactive items should not be disposed of with household waste.

“We also urge you to inform your partner, children and other members of your family to ensure that no one uses them,” reads the statement issued by the authority.

“Radioactive” products

Among the products identified as “radioactive” by the Dutch body there is an Energy Armor pendant, a Magnetix Wellness bracelet for children, a “quantum” pendant and up to seven other items that apparently protect against radiation, although they would be causing the opposite effect.

Experts from the Netherlands say that this children’s bracelet is radioactive. (Photo: RIVM)

“Sellers in the Netherlands known to ANVS have been told that the sale (of these products) is prohibited, that it should be stopped immediately and that they should inform their customers,” the statement read.

The Dutch agency does not have the authority to prohibit their sale to foreign suppliers, but promised to inform the authorities of the corresponding countries.

This is not the first time that this type of product has been alerted.

Conspiracy theories have fueled a market for “anti-5G” devicesthat spans the entire world.

In May 2020, the UK Trading Standards – business standards to enforce consumer protection legislation in the country – sought to curb sales of a pen drive which cost about $ 450 dollars and claimed to offer “protection” against 5G.

There’s also stickers and shieldsanti-radiation “for sale on Amazon, Facebook and other platforms.

However, the legislation on these products is still very limited.

Negative ions

Most of these products are often misleadingly promoted as branded items. “Negative ions” for its purported health benefits.

Instead, these items often contain volcanic ash, titanium, tourmaline, zeolite, germanium and monazite sand, and naturally occurring radioactive elements, such as uranium and thorium, scientists say.

Energy Armor
This “anti-radiation” article was banned in the Netherlands. (Photo: RIVM)

On the other hand, ionic air purifiers do not contain radioactive materials and are exempt from the ban, according to the Netherlands agency.

“Negative ions” are credited with the ability to emit negatively charged particles outward to enhance immune function, increase energy, and reduce air pollution apparently caused by 5G networks, among other apparent benefits.

However, so far there is no none evidence scientific that says that 5G signals are harmful to health.

In fact, their radiation is in the “non-ionizing” spectrum, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which ensures that they are secure networks and that their radiation level is not fundamentally different from that of the existing 3G and 4G .

The waves non-ionizing of 5G networks they don’t damage DNA, says the WHO. They are also not transmitters of covid, as some conspiracy theories claim.

Wireless technology has long sparked fears based on vague accusations that it causes health problems and there are “electrosensitive” people to her.

People who call themselves electrosensitive — mostly self-diagnosed — say that the magnetic fields generated by cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other wireless technologies make them seriously ill.

The WHO says that electrosensitivity, also known as electrohypersensitivity (HSE), does not have a medical diagnosis.

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