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Anti-vaccine and neo-fascist groups clash with the police on the streets of Rome

Strong clashes in Rome between the police and anti-vaccines and neo-fascists.

Strong clashes in Rome between the police and anti-vaccines and neo-fascists.

The Italian police stopped this Saturday in Rome a violent demonstration called to protest against the coronavirus health passport and with the presence of neo-fascist groups, who threw smoke bombs and stormed the headquarters of a union.

About 10,000 people, according to local media, gathered this Saturday afternoon in the Roman Popolo Square to protest against the restrictions of the pandemic, proffering insults towards the Government and journalists.

Among the protesters were members of the neo-fascist party Forza Nuova, as has become customary in this type of protest.

The tension has exploded when the protesters, many with their faces covered, they threw some smoke bombs and firecrackers at the government headquarters, the Roman Chigi Palace, which provoked a reaction from the riot police deployed, who repressed the march and detained some of its participants.

However, a few hundred protesters are still gathered in the central Via del Corso from the Italian capital.

In the course of the protest also the headquarters of the main union in the country were temporarily occupied, the CGIL, which led to the condemnation of the main Italian political exponents.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi contacted the union secretary, Maurizio Landini, to express their solidarity with the assault on their headquarters and described as “unacceptable” any intimidation against these organizations, “fundamental for democracy.”

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said that these “They are not protesters but criminals” and called to “not instrumentalize” the health crisis.

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To the neo-fascists, the CGIL responded: “We tell them that we resist then and we will do it one more time. But we all remind everyone that organizations that evoke fascism must be dissolved in respect of the Constitution, born of the Liberation struggle. ”

Similar demonstrations, although smaller, took place in other cities of the country, such as Milan (North).

Draghi condemned the episodes of violence that were recorded in these marches and recalled that “the right to express one’s own ideas it can never degenerate into acts of aggression and intimidation. ”

And he rejected any retreat in the obligation of the sanitary passport: “The Government continues with its commitment to follow the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 and thanks the millions of Italians who have joined it out of a sense of civility. ”

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