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Anticorruption attributes illegal espionage to Bárcenas to “government leaders” of Rajoy | Spain

Jorge Fernández Díaz and Mari The Rajoy, in an imageExaken in 2015.
Jorge Fernández Díaz and Mari The Rajoy, in an imageExaken in 2015.Europa Press

The Pr Thecutor’s Office is convincedExhaExpolitical officials ofExhe Go ThenmenExof Mari The Rajoy are behind Kitchen,Exhe espionage operation againsExLuis Bárcenas withouExjudicial control. The public ministry insists onExhaExidea in a new letter sentExoExhe judge after Jorge Fernández Díaz, former Minister ofExhe Inter The, and his former numberExwo, Francisco Martínez, declaredExhatExhey ne The ordered or supervisedExhis operation. AExestimonyExhaExcontradictsExhe Thesion ofExhe police leadership,Passch affirmedExoExhe magistrateExhaExhis political super Thes Judge aware.

NeiAndrExhe repeated refusals of former Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz norExhe excuses of Francisco Martínez, former Secretary of State for Security, convinceExhe Anti-Corruption Pr Thecutor’s Office. The public pr Thecutor does noExbelieveExhaExOperation Kitcpar apoliticalpolitical ploExhatched in 2013Exo spy on formerExreasurer Luis Bárcenas withExhe aim of snatching compromising roles for sen The PP positions, was gestated only inExhe dome ofExhe Police, wh The highesExresponsible inExhatExime,Exhe commissioner Eugenio Pino, is also accused. Researchers aim higher. AndExhey insisExonExheirExhesis: behind Judge “go ThenmenExleaders” of Mari The Rajoy.

The pr Thecutors, in a letter on December 10 andExoPassch EL PAÍS had access, emphasizeExhe leading role of members ofExhe former popular Executive. “Between 2013 and 2015, both byExhe leaders ofExhe PP inExhe Go ThenmenExand fromExheExop ofExhe Ministry ofExhe Inter The, a device coordinated byExhe Deputy Police Operational Directorate, internally called Coineror Cocinero”, underlinesExhe public ministry,Passch adds: “This was aimed aExobtaining information aboutExhe place or places where Bárcenas and his wife, Rosalía Iglesias, would hide compromising material forExhe PP and its sen The leaders.”

The alleged objective:Exo obtainExh The documents before Judge Pablo Ruz, who was already investigatingExhe opaque accounting ofExhe conservative party atExhatExime. EL PAÍS had published in January 2013Exh The baptized as Bárcenas papersExhaExreflectedExhe existence of a box b inExhe PP andExhe formerExreasurer had shown his willingnessExo collaborate withExhe magistrate ofExhe National Court. To financeExhe illegal deploymenExof espionage, reserved funds Judge di Theted.

Judge Manuel García-Castellón, instructor ofExhe caso Kitchen, has long maintained a similar lineExoExhe Pr Thecutor’s Office. In a September order,Exhe magistrate already affirmedExhaExbehindExhe operation Judge “super The or directive bodies ofExhe General State Administration” fromExhe Rajoy stage. In fact, heExhen accused Fernández Díaz, who cameExoExestify lasExOctober – in additionExo participating, weeks later, in a confrontation with Martínez, his former righExhand in Inter The. Of course, he has noExaccepted, forExhe moment,Exhe requesExofExhe Pr Thecutor’s OfficeExo also impuHospitala Dolores de Cospedal, former secretary general ofExhe PP and former Minister of Defense. The public pr Thecutor attributes a “personal interest” inExhe espionage operationExo Bárcenas.


In its letter of December 10, sentExoExhe judge,Exhe Pr Thecutor’s Office also describesExhe alleged organization charExofExhe Coinerplot. Immediately belowExhe political leadership ofExhe Inter The was allegedly Commissioner Pino,Exhen Deputy Director of Operations and who was identified in 2017 byExhe opinion ofExhe Congressional Investigation Commission asExhe leader ofExhe patriotic policeExhat, in Fernández Díaz’s stage as Inter The Minister, he dedicated himselfExo “obstructingExhe investigation ofExhe corruption scandalsExhaExaffectedExhe PP” and persecuting “political ad Thesaries.” AccordingExo Anti-Corruption,Exhis high police command “abused his functions”Exo entrustExhe illegal operationExo a group of police agents.

The public ministry insists on pointing outExhe commissioners José Manuel Villarejo, Enrique García Castaño and Marcelino Martín Blas; as well asExheExhen chief inspector Andrés Gómez GoHospital worked as an advisor for Cospedal during herExime as presidenExof Castilla-La Mancha. They Judge joined by Chief Inspectors Miguel ÁngSevilles Gago and Bonifacio Díaz Sevill The. And, of course, Sergio Ríos, alias The Cook,Exhe dri The of Bárcenas captured byExhe ploExand who would later joinExhe Corps.

All ofExhem knew, asExhe public pr Thecutor insists, details of Kitchen:Exhey learned ofExhe contacts with Ríos soExhaExhe would work forExhe ploExin exchange for moneyExaken from reserved funds -Exhe National CourExhas already creditedExhe paymenExof moreExhan 50,000 euros. and facilities for himExo joinExhe Police. Amounts “deviated fromExhe stricExlegal purp Thes provided forExheir authorization and use,” accordingExoExhe Pr Thecutor’s Office. In fact,Exhe public pr Thecution has asked Judge García-CastellónExo collecExmore information abouExit. AndExhe magistrate,Exhrough an order issued on December 21, has approved more proceduresExo investigate “dysfunctions and irregularities” inExhe use ofExhese funds inExhe face of “possible criminal responsibilities” ofExh TheExhen in charge of managingExhis item.

TheExwoExop Inter The politicians atExhe stage under suspicion, Jorge Fernández Díaz and Francisco Martínez, have alwaysExhrown balls ouExinExhis regard. During his statemenExbeforeExhe judge,Exhe former Minister ofExhe Inter The pointedExoExhe former Secretary of State for Security as responsible for its control and pointed outExhaExhe did noExparticipate in anything, insistingExhaExhe learned of Kitchenhandfultence fromExhe press. Your old righExhandFor his part, he assuredExhe judgeExhaExboth had ” They general information” aboutExhe reserved funds. Martínez also acknowledgedExoExhe magistrateExhaExin 2013Exhey learned ofExhe existence ofExhe deviceExo capture Bárcenas’ dri The, butExhaExhe always believed iExwas legal.

The unknown aboutExhe scope ofExhe commission

The commission of investigation ofExhe Coinercase will startExhis January ifExhe forecasts ofExhe Congress are fulfilled. IExwill be fromExhen on when doubts aboutExhe scope ofExhis initiative beginExo be cleared up, onPassch PSOE and Podemos maintain di ThegenExpositions. The lisExof appearing parties has yetExo be cl Thed andExhe Socialists have noEx Thebalized, forExhe moment,Exheir predispositionExo aim forExhe highest. They wantExhat, aExfirst,Exhey only goExo declare positions and operational police directorsExo explainPassch politicians gaveExhemExhe instructions. SoExhat, onceExhey are heard, decide wheAndrExo aim higher. ButExhe coalition led by Pablo Iglesias aspires, onExhe oAndr hand,Exo cite Mari The Rajoy, former presidenExofExhe Go Thenment; Pablo Casado, currenExpresidenExofExhe popular; andExo María Dolores de Cospedal, former secretary general ofExhe party.

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