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Antonio Banderas honors the elderly with the act ‘The greatest applause’

Antonio Banderas, at the event organized for the elderly in Malaga.

Antonio Banderas, at the event organized for the elderly in Malaga.
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The Malaga actor Antonio Banderas has wanted to pay tribute to the elderly with the programming of the act called ‘The Biggest Applause’ in which the orchestra Soho Pop Symphony has offered the concert ‘Film Notes’. The audition was held this Friday at 12:00 at the Soho Theater, founded by the promoter of this day, Antonio Banderas.

The concert has been organized by the Antonio Banderas Theater Foundation, CaixaBank and the Harena Foundation, who works for reduce loneliness of the elderly in Malaga and who has been in charge of transferring these to the theater. More than 350 vaccinated elderly people from 15 residences that work with the Harena Foundation and from eight Malaga municipalities that in collaboration with the Provincial Council also work with the organization have been the special public that the Soho Pop Symphony has had this Friday.

Amid great applause and compliments and after a group selfie with the entire audience, Antonio Banderas presented the concert thanking the elders for their performance during the pandemic. “You are probably the group that has suffered the most during this pandemic and the behavior you have had has been exemplary“, he declared. The actor has also stressed that he is proud and a pleasure to have them in the theater. He has been very close to the public and has read a letter written by Mercedes, a concert attendee with the dream of speak for the first person in person with Banderas, who by the way, currently resides in the apartment in which Mercedes has lived for more than 30 years. And so it has been, a dream fulfilled by Mercedes who has been able to enjoy a few minutes of chat with the actor whom he admires so much.

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During the Covid-19 crisis, the elderly have been one of the most vulnerable sectors of the population, especially those who have had to face the pandemic in the worst possible way: alone. For this reason, this concert for some of them has been so special. During the presentation of the act two women from the public, who belong to the program ‘Loneliness 0, life 10‘of the Harena Foundation have taken the stage to talk precisely about it, about loneliness. A problem that affects 60,000 people throughout the province of Malaga, as stated by the president of the Harena Foundation, Antonio Moreno. «I live alone” attached “to a breathing machine, I have made a great effort to come here, but I really wanted to meet this wonderful audience and” my “Antonio Banderas”, has excited Mari Cruz, 90 years old and widowed for 30 years. Florinda, 92, has related her experience with the Malaga foundation and the fear she felt during confinement when she was left alone again and not knowing what to do. Florinda took advantage of her moment on stage to thank the Harena Foundation and its volunteers whom she considers her grandchildren for the work.

‘Notes from Cinema’ has been the concert enlivened by the Soho Pop Symphony under the baton of the director Arturo Diez Boscovich has delighted the elders. It has been a compilation of 14 famous musical pieces in the film world Among which have been songs like ‘Moon River’ from the movie Breakfast with Diamonds, ‘Biclycle Chase’ from ET The Extraterrestrial or an excerpt from the soundtrack of the famous movie ‘Gone with the wind’. The orchestra has also been able to enjoy the company of the guest soloist, Antonio Serrano.

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Has attended the event Juan Ignacio Zafra, Territorial Director of Caixabank in Andalusia, who spoke of Caixa’s vocation to care for the elderly and stated that this type of event is essential for the foundation. Juanma Moreno placeholder image, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Paco de la Torre, mayor of the city and Francisco Salado, president of the Diputación de Málaga have also been among the public.


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