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Antonio Brown considering lawsuit against Buccaneers after release, seeking ‘a whole lot of money’

Antonio Brown’s time with the Buccaneers came to an abrupt end following a sideline outburst he had in Week 17 against the Jets. Now, he is seeking legal action related to the end of his Tampa Bay tenure.

Brown and his agent, Sean Burstyn, appeared on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” to discuss Brown’s release from the Buccaneers. Burstyn explained that he and Brown are not only seeking money to cover Brown’s ankle surgery, but they are also considering a defamation lawsuit against the Bucs.

“Antonio was defamed by this spin that he had a mental health episode that makes him someone who’s not reliable to do a good job on the field,” Burstyn said, as transcribed by ESPN. “So we’re pursuing internally all of our rights under the CBA and considering them and maybe stepping outside of the CBA.

“All of our options are on the table. We’re going to hold to account the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce Arians, the general manager to the extent anyone who’s responsible for this spin that Antonio isn’t reliable to do a good job playing football because he doesn’t have the mental strength to do it.

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Burstyn claimed that he had evidence that both Arians and general manager Jason Licht were aware of the extent of Brown’s injury, which is something the team has denied. They also claimed during the interview that Tampa Bay “regularly injected Antonio with Toradol so he couldn’t feel the damage he was doing to his ankle.”

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So, what are Burstyn and Brown seeking in damages?

“A whole lot of money,” Brown said. “A whole lot.”

That wasn’t the only time that Brown spoke about money. He also confirmed that he knew his $1 million incentive was on the line and that he was trying to reach that against the Jets.

“I’m not worried about the ball,” Brown said. “Tom Brady is my guy. He’s the reason I’m on Tampa Bay, so I know I’m gonna get the ball.”

“I’m gonna get the ball,” he continued. “Now. I’m Antonio Brown. You know, I’m a receiver. I get the ball. I got a million dollars on the line that I had to reach, sir.”

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Burstyn later interjected and added that Brown would have been able to reach that incentive… if he was “physically able to continue playing.”

Failing to reach the incentive wasn’t what bothered Brown the most. He claims his No. 1 issue with the team is that they tried to bribe him into going to the “crazy house” to blame his sideline outburst on a mental health episode.

“To drag people along and play on people’s mental health, you know, is so unfair and unfortunate,” Brown said.

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And he continues to insist that he needs no such help with his mental health.

“I have mental wealth, man,” he said. “I know a lot of people may not understand me, know how I look at things or don’t know how I react [to] emotional things, but it’s not for them to understand me. I’ve got a beautiful family, kids and people all across the world that look up to me, and it’s no reason I’m in this position at this point.”

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