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Antonio Burgos: Learn ‘pedrosanchés’ effortlessly



Just as the linguistic fragmentation of Latin gave rise to the Romance languages, the ‘politiqués’ and the ‘tertulianés’ have created a new one: the ‘pedrosanchés’. I have learned this thanks to the free private class that professors Esteban Villarejo and Pablo Muñoz have given us by presenting on ABC the “Final Draft of the National Security Strategy 2021”, edited by the Department of National Security of the Presidency of the Government of Spain . A simple reading of said document gives us a linguistic immersion of do not wag in this new language, the ‘pedrosanchés’. Linguistic immersion that the Supreme Court can never reject, as in the case of Catalan, because it has been extended in such a way that it is not possible to return to

the purity of the Spanish language that politicians spoke, from the Restoration to the Transition.

The very names of the ministries, once as classic as Grace and Justice or Promotion, are already said in ‘pedrosanchés’: Ministry of Social Affairs and Agenda 2030, or Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. The own creator of the ‘pedrosanchés’ was fed up with making it popular in his daily television interventions in the plan ‘Aló, Presidente’ during the successive states of alarm due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It consists of speaking without saying anything, but with words other than cantinfleo. No one finds it strange to hear insistently terms such as ‘visibility’, ‘transversal’, ‘sustainable’ or ‘vulnerable’. No, this ‘Pedrosanchesa’ language is not vulnerable, which will soon have, at this rate, the five million speakers of the Spanish from which it is derived.

Thanks to professors Villarejo and Muñoz, I have learned effortlessly to speak ‘Pedrosanchés’, and I already know how to introduce pure terms of this language into any conversation, such as ‘governance’, ‘co-governance’, ‘ecological transition’ or ‘resilience’. That I believed that it was the Resilience of Students where Dalí, Lorca and Buñuel met, until I was soaked in the explanations of the aforementioned professors. And look, see what more expressive paragraphs, without saying anything at all, I can already mark on ‘economic and financial stability’: «A fair, stable and secure economic context is a necessary condition for progress and favors job creation, as well such as the competitiveness of Spanish companies and industry. The economic strategy to face the crises derived from the pandemic is included in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. This plan outlines the roadmap for the modernization of the Spanish economy, the recovery of economic growth and job creation after the Covid-19 crisis, as well as to respond to the challenges of the next decade.

-The hen!

No, the hen, no: pure ‘pedrosanchés’. Because “the sustainability of economic growth in the medium term requires promoting the modernization and productivity of the Spanish industrial ecosystem.” I think it is something.

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