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Anupama Fans Shocked After Latest Episode, Pray For Anuj Kapadia Life: Totally Disturbing…

Anupama fans shocked after latest episode: The world of Anupamaa fans is completely shaken after the latest episode. While the show began on a lovely note with Anuj Kapadia planning a date with Anupama and trying to de-stress her, it ended on a really shocking angle. As Anuj and Anupama are discussing something pretty (more about it in the next para), a giant glass slips and goes on to hit Anuj’s back or probably his head from him. At least that’s how it appears. Now, the #Tomorrow fans are worried about Anuj’s health and how he’s really badly hurt.Also Read – Anuj Kapadia Removes Anupama’s Jewellery, Caresses Her Hair And Fall Asleep – Upset #MaAn Fans Want Passionate Intimacy Now | Anupamaa Written Update, July 8

Anuj Kapadia-Anupama emotional conversation before the accident

Many fans took to Twitter to express their shock after the Monday episode which definitely introduced a new track. The conversation that preceded the horrifying incident also added up to everyone’s dismay. Right before the glass breaks, Anujquite passionately and furiously, is seen telling Anupama that she is not supposed to give her signing authority to anyone even in his absence. He tells her that she’s his wife de ella and ella has full right over what belongs to him. Anuj tells a visibly shaking Anupama that there’s noone else in the world whom he trusts more than her and therefore, she is the only person who has to look after everything in his life and business de ella. Also Read – Anupamaa: MaAn Fans Manifest Anupama’s Pregnancy as Anuj Says ‘Thank You Meri Banne Ke Liye’ | Written Update, July 7

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The incident takes place right after this strong conversation and that’s exactly what has made the fans worry more about Anuj. One user wrote on Twitter, “#Anupamaa makers please put to rest our worries by giving us some hope and news that #AnujKapadia is fine…there is a lot of speculation going around please @TheRupali @iamgauravkhanna please guysssss #MaAn 😭💔ter ( sic),” another fan wrote, “I feel like today’s episode, last few seconds could be anu’s nightmare ki if she swears on anuj…hopefully 🤞🏻 🤞🏻🤞🏻 There’s a feeling dat nothing will happen to anuj… #Anupamaa #Maan (sic).” Also Read – Anupamaa Fans Clap For Pakhi After She Schools Vanraj Over Morality Lessons: ‘Karma Boomerang…’ | Written Update, July 5

Check how the #MaAn fans react to the shocking incident in the latest episode of Anupamaa:

Meanwhile, in the other track, Vanraj continues to force Pakhi to never see Adhik. When she resists, he threatens to send her out of Ahmedabad for studies. Baa supports his decision from her while Bapuji and Kavya among others try to make him understand that this will further make Pakhi antagonize her family from her, especially the father from her.

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We are thinking about Anuj though! Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!

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