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«Any woman who wants to take revenge or destroy the life of an innocent person can already do it»



The ‘María Sevilla case’ sneaked into the Congress debate yesterday. Carla Toscano, deputy for Vox, who this time decided not to display legends such as the last #NotMeToo stamped on her shirt, went up to the parliamentary platform, showed a photo of Irene Montero, Sofía Castañón and part of the team from the Ministry of Equality tucking Sevilla in and pointed at them with an accusing index finger for making an “apology for kidnapping.” Toscano read the words of the son of Rafael Marcos and the former president of Infancia Libre, Mary Seville, in defense of her father and against the act of separating her from her sister. Vox condemned Montero’s words encouraging the State to shield “all protective mothers” like Sevilla, convicted of holding and isolating her son for a year.

Seville has regained custody of the child after the partial pardon published 48 hours ago by the Ministry of Justice in the Official State Gazette. In Congress, and despite the fact that they were discussing the draft Law for the Comprehensive Guarantee of Sexual Freedom, Vox put that recent example as an example of the “hatred of men” that Montero’s department feeds, because with the rule of ‘yes it is yes’, he said, the “woman who wants to take revenge or destroy the life of any innocent” already has a wide sleeve, because she does not have to provide evidence that he is guilty, he considered.

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Toscano showed a photo of Minister Irene Montero with María Sevilla as president of Infancia Libre
Toscano showed a photo of Minister Irene Montero with María Sevilla as president of Infancia Libre

Montero then went up on stage and repeated his defense from the epicenter of national sovereignty. For the minister, the one who was president of Infancia Libre wanted to be that, free, and that is why she took her son. “This rule goes ahead despite the aggressors and patriarchal justice,” she charged again against the judges. “As long as this coalition government is in place, it will do everything possible to settle and protect those women who are defending themselves and their children from the violence of their abusers and want to be free.” Raphael Mark, The ex-partner from Seville, told ABC that she will file legal actions against Montero for accusing him of being an abuser without a conviction involved.

The UPN representative, Carlos Garcia Adaneroalso made it ugly that the Executive pardons when “it does not like a sentence” and agrees with parental kidnappings when the mothers execute them.

“The Government pardons her for ideology”

Numerous jurists have joined these theses in the last few hours. Yesterday, the president of the Professional Association of the Judiciary, Maria Jesus del Barco, considered that the pardon to Seville projects the image that the Government grants this measure of grace based on “political or ideological motivations.” Del Barco told the Ep agency that behind the measure “there seems” to be an “ideological content”, when talking about “depriving a father and the paternal family” of a child.

Fernando Portillo, President of the Independent Judicial Forum (FJI), expressed his concern about how the pardon law is regulated, which dates back to the 19th century and which configures it as an “absolutist privilege.” “We have an act of the Executive Power that has little control by the courts,” he objected.

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