Tuesday, January 25

Anya Taylor-Joy: Why did Variety magazine describe actress Anya Taylor-Joy as a “woman of color”?

  • Analía Llorente
  • BBC World News

Anya Taylor-Joy


Anya Taylor-Joy is the protagonist of the Netflix series “Lady’s Gambit.”

For the past few months, he has kept many obsessed with his moves on the chessboard.

And it aroused great curiosity to learn this complex game, which was reflected in the increase in sales of boards and in the increase in the number of people who signed up for classes to learn it.

We refer to Anya Taylor-Joy, the 24-year-old actress who just won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of chess player Beth Harmon on the hit Netflix series “Lady’s Gambit.”

As a result of this victory, numerous articles were written about Taylor-Joy, but there was one in particular that caused controversy.


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  • German

    Let’s consider some football players from Estudiantes de La Plata (Argentina). Johnathan Schunke, Juan Foyth and Santiago Ascacibar. If their grandparents had moved to the US, they would be considered white of German, Polish and French ancestry. However, their ancestors moved from Europe to Argentina, a country where Spanish is spoken. Acording to US-citizens, you are white only if you speak English and live in the US or Commowealth countries. Speaking the Spanish language change your genes. Another actor who grew up in Argentina is Vigo Mortensen. I guess Vigo is also considered a “man of color” in the US. A century ago, Argentina received seven million Europeans (second only to the US), but US citizens cannot acept the fact that a Latin American country can be white.

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