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Apple already sells its first charger with 2 USB-C but these models are more powerful and cheaper

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Apple finally has a charger with two USB-C ports, but it has basic problems that most similar chargers have solved years ago. These are the best alternatives.

With the arrival of the new Apple MacBook Air, the Californian company has presented its greatest innovation in chargers in years a New 35W Dual Port USB-C Power Adapter.

And although this is a feature that has been present in chargers from other brands for quite a few years, Apple is finally starting to update one of its most outdated, yet reliable products. The problem is that like all Apple accessories the price is through the roof: 65 euros.

Instead, we can find chargers of the highest quality, more powerful and with two or more USB-C ports in most internet stores. That is why we have collected The best alternatives to Apple’s dual USB-C charger.

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First of all, all these chargers have more power than Apple’s, therefore they are 35 W or more, usually from 40 W. Second, they are much cheaper. 65 euros for a charger is too much money although the quality of Apple chargers is top notch.

This selection has products from recognized brands, of quality and with safety systems against overvoltages. Never a product that we would not buy ourselves.

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We have chosen them on Amazon so that you can have free and fast shipping, but yes, signing up for Prime. You have a free trial of 30 days without commitment, up to 3 months if you are a student, and there is no permanence of any kind.

  1. Anker Nano Pro
  2. Belkin BoostCharge
  3. UGREEN Nexode
  4. TECKNET GaN Charger
  5. TOPK GaN charger

Anker Nano Pro

Anker Nano Pro

If you are looking for a new charger for your mobile with two USB-C outputs, we cannot help but recommend this one Anker Nano Pro.

Anker is one of the most recognized brands in mobile accessories with chargers, cables, batteries and many other products. This Nano Pro charger has a 40W power and PowerDelivery 3.0.

The best thing is that it is very compact and will be able to charge at 40W with a cable connected or at 20W when both are in use.

Its price is very interesting, less than 40 euros if you find it without offers or coupons, there are usually discounts on its Amazon page.

Belkin BoostCharge

Belkin BoostCharge

Hand in hand with Belkin, one of Apple’s priority brands for manufacturing accessories, it has Belkin BoostChargea charger 68W with GaN technology which allows you to seriously reduce its size.

This is a very powerful charger that has two USB-C ports, one with 18W output and one with 40W to 60W output at most.

You can charge a laptop like a MacBook Pro and an iPhone at the same time, or even multiple devices at the same time like a mobile phone and a tablet with fast charging.

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Its price is about 40 euros on Amazon.



UGREEN Nexode is a 65W charger perfect for those who want everything in a very compact size.

It also uses GaN technology that allows for smaller components and higher power. Also has 3 USB ports, two of them USB-C and one USB-A.

The two USB-C ports support 65W charging and the USB-A port reaches a power of 22.5W. When you have both USB-C in use the upper one uses up to 45W and the lower one 20W.

It is available on Amazon for 42 euros with free shipping.


GaN charger TECKNET

Another cheaper alternative to the UGREEN charger and that also has two USB-C ports and another UBS-A is this model of tecknet.

It has a slightly larger design, but features GaN technology and features a 65W power. It has two USB-C ports with the same distribution: each USB-C individually charges at 65 W, but the two used at the same time are divided into 45 W and 18 W. The USB-A port has 18 W.

You will find it on Amazon for 33 euros on sale, when it normally costs 38.99 euros.

TOPK GaN charger

TOPK GaN charger

The charger TOPK it is also an alternative to that of UGREEN and Tecknet. It has the same technical characteristics: GaN technology, two 65W USB-C ports (45W + 18W when used together) and a 18W USB-A port.

Its advantage is that its plug adapter can be replaced by a connection from another country when you want to use it abroad.

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You can take it home for less than 39 euros.

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