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Apple could be evaluating the use of electronic ink screens in its folding devices

As we have learned, Apple could be evaluating the possibility of using electronic ink screens in the purest Kindle style, for its new devices with folding screens.

One of the most current trends is the novelty included in the electronic ink screens, which allows improving the color emitted by the panel without using an extra light source. Same philosophy, more quality.

This new technology It allows reproducing colors more faithful to the sheet of paper without diminishing its already numerous advantages.

Well, as reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities and a long-time Apple watcher, on Twitter, Apple could be considering using this novelty for the cover screen of a folding future and for applications similar to those of the tablets.

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How does electronic ink work?

With electronic ink technologytiny microcapsules are suspended in a liquid that is contained within a layer of film.

These microcapsules, which are about the width of a human hair, contain positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles.

The application of a negative electric field causes the white particles to rise to the surface. Conversely, applying a positive electric field causes the black particles to rise to the surface. By applying different fields to different parts of the screen, electronic ink produces a single color text display.

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They are especially popular because they resemble printed paper. As well as being easier on the eyes than other types of displays, e-ink consumes less power, especially when compared to LCD screens.

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Color e-ink screens for Apple

“The color EPD has the potential to become a mainstream solution for the must-have cover screen/second screen of folding devices thanks to its excellent energy saving”, explained in the tweet.

And it is that, this is the point for which it seems that Apple is going to bet: battery saving, since it is one of the great problems of the brand.

For example, people who spend a lot of time using their flip phone when it’s closed could see a significant increase in resistance.

This could also be an advantage for mobile phones with always-on screens with this type of folding screen, since they would consume less energy when showing the time and other notifications, for example.

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