Wednesday, October 5

Apple Music launches its own music page in Catalan

Catalan musica new page Apple Music, explores the remarkable diversity of this creative area, which includes everything from new talents to the voices that made Catalan rock a long-standing phenomenon. With 20 new lists Reproduction essential, the page also aims to better serve the Catalan-speaking community, with which it has a long and strong relationship, being the apps translated into this language since the launch of Apple Music, almost 7 years ago, and on iTunes long before. Catalan music It is featured on the home page and available in the search section for all countries. Apple Music the first music platform in streaming which has its own music page in this language.

Current Catalan music is the fruit of a century of tradition, of local and international influences and regeneration movements. Initially converted into a vehicle for vindication and linguistic awareness, and later consolidated as an artistic platform, the Catalan music scene is an example of the political, social and emotional changes that Catalonia has experienced throughout all these years.


Apple Music collects on its page all genres and styles that go through the best of the new Catalan rock scene in the playlist .cat with names like Miki Núñez, Verlaat, Marc Vi, Roger Argemí or Siderland, among others. We must also highlight one of the most successful bands such as El Petit De Cal Eril, which is present with its pop melodies tinged with folk roots and expansive psychedelic landscapes, or the premiere of Antonia Font’s new album, with which the band returns to its essence after a decade of silence with One Minute Strobe.

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Another of the playlist outstanding is that of Lluís Llach, a benchmark of noca cançó. He is especially known for L’estaca, a song that served as an anthem for many causes. Also included is a selection of representative videos with names such as La Pegatina, El Quinto Carajillo, Mabel Flores or Jazz Woman, among others.

The most contemporary sound is represented by new talents such as The Tyets who have managed to put Mataró on the map of Catalan urban music. The duo formed by Xavir Coca and Oriol de Ramón, falls within a genre that they themselves have invented: the trapetón. The irresistible hybrid between trap and reggaeton in Catalan, is capable of transporting anyone to a time when first loves and parties are not forgotten. hits like HR (Tinc a house) either Friends, Tiets and Coneguts they have put the name of The Tyets on everyone’s lips and have made a whole generation sing their lyrics.

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