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Apple paid a millionaire fine because technicians published content of intimate photos of a client that led to the repair of her cell phone

Apple would have paid a millionaire settlement to the person whose privacy was affected.

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An iPhone owner had a very bad experience that led to her phone being repaired to the authorized Pegatron Technology Service Center in Sacramento, California.

Technicians involved in repairing the device They entered the private content of the affected person and published it on their social networks as if she had done it herself, a situation that caused her annoyance and forced Apple to pay a significant fine.

Many Apple fans like the brand because it offers higher security parameters than the average of other brands, it is even part of what justifies its value being higher than other phones.

However, this time it was not a hack, but rather unprofessional employees who had control of the device while it was being repaired and misused the information.

A publication of The Telegraph, notes that Apple agreed to pay a “millionaire” sum to a girl who was studying at the University of Oregon, after two technicians from the contractor Pegatron Technology Service, published the private content in 2016.

The The victim sought legal advice and her lawyers threatened to sue Apple for an invasion of privacy and emotional trauma.. However, before the case got bigger, the company decided to pay the settlement.

Before the facts, Apple carried out an exhaustive investigation to achieve a monetary agreement for the affected party and the dismissal of the technicians involved. The company demanded confidentiality about the events, arguing concerns that the situation could cause “substantial commercial damage.”

Later Apple claimed compensation from the service center at Pegatron, but the business’s insurer refused to cover any payments.

The block company told The Telegraph that it takes privacy “extremely seriously” and has safeguards in place to protect data during repairs.

The technology company also noted that it continues to strengthen its rules for contractors since 2016, although it did not detail the policies it has implemented.

It is not known how much Apple paid in the agreement, but it is said that it was several million dollars, because the company does not want to be involved in a situation that makes it seem like they don’t take enough care of privacy.

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