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Apple Signs Another Outstanding Quarter


Growing demand for iPhone 12s helped double profits in one year

A man with a mask in the vicinity of an Apple store in Shanghai.
A man with a mask in the vicinity of an Apple store in Shanghai.ALY SONGREUTERS
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Apple again experienced a quarter of profit and record turnover in the heat of demand for its iPhones 12. The northern California tech giant generated a few revenue of $ 89.6 billion, 54% more than last year, with a net profit of 23,600 million, more than double the 11,249 million at the end of March 2020.

One more time iPhones were the flagship product, representing more than half of the company’s income. In the three months from January to March 2021, Apple reached 47,938 million dollars compared to 28,962 million a year ago in that section, when the pandemic had begun to affect its commercial activity in China.

The other positive news for the Cupertino colossus, the most valuable company in the world by stock market capitalization, was its good performance in terms of services, one of the great bets of the present and future of Tim Cook, the CEO. The improvement was $ 3.553 million compared to 2020, the second most lucrative game for Apple, well above Macs, iPads, digital watches and other accessories.

“This quarter reflects both the enduring way our products have helped our users cope with this time in their lives and the optimism consumers seem to feel about the days ahead,” Cook said in a statement. He also referred to the period of “radical innovation” in which they are immersed in their entire line of products, focused on the “all-new” iMac and iPad Pro and that “extends to efforts such as the 8 gigawatts of new clean energy that We will help bring to the grid and our $ 430 billion investment in the United States over the next 5 years. “

What Cook did not talk about was the prospects for the next quarter, a guide that investors on Wall Street eagerly seek and that casts doubts about the imminent future of the Silicon Valley giants, in the midst of a shortage of microchips and with the uncertainty still derived from a pandemic that still shows no signs of giving way. definitive. Even so, Apple stocks were appreciating strongly in the market. after-hours, with an increase close to 3%.

Not only Apple presented results at close of trading. Facebook had an optimal quarterly performance thanks to a notable increase in investment in digital advertising, almost doubling your profits up to $ 9,497 million in a single year. In total, its advertising revenues amounted to 25,439 million dollars, 46% more than in the same period of the previous year.

“We’ve had a solid quarter helping people stay connected and businesses grow,” he said. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the social network. “We will continue to invest vigorously to deliver new and meaningful experiences for years to come,” including virtual and augmented reality.

Despite the apparent decline in popularity of Facebook as a social network, the company managed to grow its number of daily active users by 8% to 1,880 million, with a total of 60,654 employees worldwide, 26% more than a year ago. Their titles rose 6% in the after-hours session.

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