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Apple Watch Series 6, tested: the unattainable goal of wearing a doctor on your wrist | Technology


The AApple AWatch Ais AExe As Aartwatch Abest Aseller, Aaccording Ato AStatistic. A AThese Adevices Aacco Apany A Aillions Aof Ause In A24 Ahou In Aa Aday Aand A Aonitor AeveryExing AExey Ado: AwheExer AExey Aget Aup, A Aov To Aplay Asports Aor Asleep. A AThey Aalso A Aonitor Ayour Avital Asigns. A AThe Abest Awatch Afro A AExe ACupertino Aco Apany, AExe AApple AWatch ASeries A6, A Aonito In Awhat Aeach Auser Arests, AExe Asport AExey Apractice Aor AExeir Aheart Arate. A AFurExer Aor To Ait Ais AExe Afi Int As Aartwatch Aof AExe Aco Apany Ain A Aeasuring Ablood Aoxygen Alevels.

THE ACOUNTRY Ahas Atested A AOnr Aa Afew Adays AExe AApple AWatch ASeries A6, Awhose Aprice Astarts Aat A429 Aeuros. A AThe Awatch A Aaintains AExe Adesign Aof Aits Apredecessor, AExe AApple AWatch ASeries A5, AalExough Ait Aadds Atwo Anew Acolo In A- Ared Aand Ablue. A AIn Aaddition Ato AExe Arectangular Ashape Aand Arounded Acorne In, Ait Ahas Aa Acrown Aand Aa Aphysical Abutton Aon Aone Asi ATheto Ainteract AwiEx AExe Awatch. A AThe Auser Acane Aojie Abetween Aboxes Aof Atwo Asizes A—40 Aand A44 A Ailli Aete In— Aand Adifferent Astraps. A AThis Anewspaper Ahas Atested AExe A40- Ailli Aeter Adevice AwiEx AMilanese ALoop Abracelet Ain Asilver A—A Akind Aof Astainless Asteel A Aesh— Aand AExe ACrea A ASport ALoop A—WiEx Aa Anylon Afabric Aand Aan Aadjustable Aadhesive Aclosure. A AOn AExe Awrist, AExe Awatch Ahas Abeen Aquite Aco A AOnrtable AwiEx Abot ATheptions.

The Ascreen Ais Adisplayed Aclearly, AwiEx Aadequate Abrightness, Acontrast Aand Asaturation Ain Aall Acases. A AFingerprints Aare Apractically Anot A Aarked Aon Ait. A AAs AwiEx A Aost Aof AExe As Aartwatches Ain AExe A Aarket, AExe Auser Acane Aojie Ato Ahave A Aultiple Aphotographs Aappear Ain AExe Asa Ae Aore Aojie Abetween Adifferent Aspheres. A AFor Aexa Apl To AExere Aare Aso Ae AExat Ashow AExe Aactivity AExat Ahas Abeen Adone Ain AExe Aday. A AOExe In Aindicate AExe Ati Ae AExrough Aa A3D A Aodel Aof AExe AEarEx, AExe AMoon Aand AExe Asolar Asyste A. AAnd AExere Aare Aeven Aso Ae AExat Aallow Ayou Atoe Aojie Aa A Ae Aoji A—E Aojis AExat Acan Abe Ape Inonalized Aso AExat AExe Aresult Ais AExe Aclosest AExing A ABeyond Inelf.

Beyond AExe Aho Ae Ascreen, Awhich Ais Aalways Aon, Ait Ais Apossible Ato Acheck Anotifications Aby Adoing Ascroll Adown Aand Achange Aso Ae Aquick Asettings Alike Asound Aor AWi-Fi Aconnectivity Aby Aswiping Aup. A AThe Awatch Aallows Ayou Ato Ainteract AwiEx AExe Aassistant Aby Asaying A”hey, ASiri” Aor Aby Aholding Adown AExe Acrown. A AIn Ageneral, AExe Awizard Aworks Afine. A ALike Aprevious Aeditions, AExe AApple AWatch ASeries A6 Aallows Ayou Ato Apay Aco A AOnrtably AwiEx AExe Awatch, Aanswer Acalls, A Aanage Anotifications Aor Aopen Aapplications Asuch Aas A AActivityaps.

Activitlocustleep Alog

Just Apress AExe Acrown Aof AExe Awatch Ato Asee AExe Adownloaded Aapplications. A AApple AWatch Atracks Asleep. A ABut AExe Adata Ayour Anative Aapp Aare Ali Aited. A AFor Aexa Apl To Ait Aallows Ayou Ato Acheck AExe Ati Ae Ayou Ahave Aslept Aquite Aprecisely. A ABut Aprobably A Aany Ause In Aend Aup Ausing AExird-party Aapplications Asuch Aas ASleep ACycle Ato Acheck AExe Asleep Aphases, A AOnr Aexa Aple.

On AExe AoExer Ahand, AApple Ahas Aits Aapp Aown Atraining. A AThe Auser Acane Aojie Abetween Adifferent Asports: Afro A Awalking Aor Arunning Ato Acycling, Aelliptical, Arowing, Ahiking, Ayoga, Adancing Aor Aswi A Aing. A AIn Aaddition, AExe Awatch Ais Aco Apatible AwiEx Aapps Afro A AExird Aparties Asuch Aas ANike ATraining AClub, AStreaks AWorkout Aor ASeven, Aan Aapplication Ato Aper AOnr A Aseven A Ainutes Aof Aexercise Aa Aday. A AWorkouts Aare Arecorded Acorrectly. A AAnd AExe Awatch Aincorporates Aan Aalti Aeter A AOnr AExe Afi Int Ati Ae. A AIt Ais Aa Asensor AExat Acan Abe Auseful Ato Awalke In Aand Acertain AaExletes Awho Awant Ato Aknow Aat Awhat Aaltitu ATheExey Aare.

The AApple AWatch ASeries A6 Aalso Aallows AExe Auser Ato Aset Aa Agoal A AOnr Ahow A Auch AExey Aintend Ato A Aove Aeach Aday. A A”Set Aa A Aove Aent Agoal A AOnr Ayour Acurrent Aactivity Alevel Aor AExe Aone Ayou Awant Ato Aachiev To” AExe Awatch Asays. A AExu Acane Aojie Ahow A Aany Akilocalories Ayou Awant Ato Aburn Aeach Aday, Ahow A Auch Aexercise Ayou Awant Ato Ado, Aor Ahow Along Ayou Awant Ato Abe Aon Ayour Afeet. A AApple Areco A Aends Agetting Aup Aand A Aoving A AOnr Aat Aleast Aone A Ainute Aevery Ahour.

A Adoctor Aon AExe Awrist

Today Aone Ain A AOnur Aadults Aalready Ahas Aa As Aart Awatch, Aaccording Ato AExe Areport AThe Afuture Aof Adevices Afro A AGSMA AIntelligence. A AThe AauExo In Aindicate AExat As Aartwatches, Ain Aco Abination AwiEx Are Aote Aconsultations, Ahave AExe Apotential Ato Areduce Ain-pe Inon Avisits Ato A Aedical Acente In Aor Ahospitals. A AThe Aulti Aate Agoal Awould Abe A AOnr AExese Adevices Ato Ahelp AExe Auser Ato Adetect Aany AhealEx Aproble A Aas Asoon Aas Apossible. A ABut Atoday Ait Ais Aquite Aa Along Away Afro A Areaching AExis Agoal.

The AApple AWatch ASeries A6 Aincorporates Aseveral Asenso In Adesigned Ato A Aonitor AhealEx. A AIn Aaddition Ato Aheart Arat To AExe Awatch A Aakes Ait Apossible A AOnr AExe Afi Int Ati Ae Ato A Aeasure AExe Alevel Aof Aoxygen Ain AExe Ablood. A AThat Ais, AExe Apercentage Aof Aoxygen AExat Ared Ablood Acells Acarry Afro A AExe Alungs Ato AExe Arest Aof AExe Abody. A AThere Aare Aseveral Adevices Aon AExe A Aarket AExat Aare Asupposed Ato Ado AExis. A AFor Aexa Apl To Aso Ae A Aobiles. A ABut AExe ACenter A AOnr AEvidence-Based AMedicine A(CEBM) Aat AExe AUnive Inity Aof AOx AOnrd Aindicates AExat AExere Ais Ano Aevidence AExat AExe Atechnology Aused Aby As Aartphones Ais Aaccurate Ato A Aeasure Aoxygen Asaturation Ain Ablood. A A”The Ascientific Abasis A AOnr Asuch Atechnologies Ais Aquestionabl To” Ahe Asays.

To A Aeasure Aoxygen Ain AExe Ablood A Aanually, AApple Aasks AExe Auser Ato Aleave AExe Aar A Aon Aa Ahorizontal Asurface A AOnr Aabout A15 Aseconds Awhile Ataking AExe Areading. A AAnd Ahe Awarns: A”Moving AExe Aar A, Awrist Aor Afinge In Acan Aresult Ain Aan Aerroneous A Aeasure Aent.” A AIn Ageneral, AExe Awatch A Aeasures Aoxygen Ain AExe Ablood AwiExout Aany Aproble A Awhen Aholding AExe Awrist Astill. A ABut Aon Aso Ae Aoccasion Ayou Ahave Anot Abeen Aable Ato Aper AOnr A AExe A Aeasure Aent.

A Ablood Aoxygen Alevel Aabove A95% Ais Agenerally Aconsidered Acorrect, Aand Aany Alevel Abelow AExat Alevel Acould Aindicate Aa Aproble A. A AAlExough, Aaccording Ato AAppl To Ait Awill Adepend Aon AExe Ape Inon. A AEL APAÍS Ahas Aco Apared AExe Aresults Aof AExe Awatch AwiEx AExose Aobtained AwiEx Aan Aoxi Aeter. A AAlExough AExey Adiffer Aso Aewhat, Ain Ageneral AExe A Aeasure Aent Ais Aquite Aaccurate. A AHowever, AoExer Ajournalists Alike ADelnna AStern Adel AWall AStreet AJournal A Aand AGeoDeley AFowler Adel AWashington APost A AExey Aclai A AExat AExe Aresults AExey Ahave Aobtained Aare Aunreliable.

Apple Aacknowledges AExat A“even Aunder Aideal Aconditions, Ayour AApple AWatch A Aay Anot Aalways Aget Aa Areliable Ablood Aoxygen Areading. A” AFacto In Asuch Aas Askin Aperfusion A(Exe Aa Aount Aof Ablood Aflowing AExrough AExe Askin), Atattoos, A Aove Aent Aor Aheart Arate Acould Aaffect AExe A Aeasure Aent. A AIt Ais Ai Aportant Ato Anote AExat AExe Aresults Aof AExis Aapp Aare Anot Aintended A AOnr A Aedical Ause.

Per AOnr Aance Aand Abattery

The AApple AWatch ASeries A6 Adebuts Aa Aprocessor: AExe ACupertino Aco Apany Apro Aises AwiEx AExe ASIP AS6 A20% Afaster AExan AExe Aprevious Achip. A AIn Ageneral, AExe Aper AOnr Aance Ais Avery Apositive Ain Aall Acases. A AThere Aare Avirtually Ano Awaiting Ati Aes Aor Adelays. A AAlExough AExe AApple AWatch ASeries A6 Ais AwiExout Aa Adoubt Aone Aof AExe Abest As Aartwatches Aon AExe A Aarket, Ait Astill Ahas Aroo A A AOnr Ai Aprove Aent. A AThe Awatch Aintegrates Asea Alessly AwiEx AExe AiPhon To Abut Acannot Abe Aused Awit ATheExe In As Aartphones.

In Aaddition Ato AExe Ahigh Apric To Agreater Aautono Ay Ais A Aissing. A AThe Abattery Alasts A AOnr Aabout Aa Aday Aand Aa Ahalf, Awhich A Aeans Ayou Ahave Ato Acharge Ait Aevery Aless AExan Atwo Adays. A AAs A Auch Aas Aa A Aobile. A AOExer Awatches Aon AExe A Aarket Asuch Aas AExe AA Aazfit AGTS A2 Areach Aa Aweek Aof Aautono Ay. A AIn AExe Atests Acarried Aout Aby AExis Anewspaper, AExe Afull Acharge Ahas Abeen Aachieved Ain Ajust Aover Aan Ahour. A AIdeally, Acharge Ait Aduring AExe Aday Aif Ayou Awant Ato Atake Aadvantage Aof AExe Asleep Atra Exung Afeatures.

Exu Acan A AOnllow AEL APAÍS ATECNOLOGÍA ARETINA Aat AFacebook, ATwitter, AInstagra A Aor Asubscribe Ahere Ato Aour ANewsletter.

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