Saturday, April 13

Apple would be taking the necessary steps to become a bank, according to Bloomberg

Among Apple’s plans seems to be to become a bank and for this they would already be taking all the necessary steps in that direction.

The movements of those from Cupertino are difficult to follow and the fact is that the company that launches products every year has many open fronts for the future. Among all these futures there is one that many surely do not expect and that is the fact that Apple could become a bank.

Yes, the company that launches mobile phones, tablets, computers and headphones could rub shoulders with the large entities that manage the money of millions of people. The truth is that it sounds completely crazy, but It seems that it is something that Apple has been behind for a long time.

This information comes from the hand of the English international media Bloomberg that would have obtained certain data that could indicate that those of Apple would be behind becoming a banking entity. The truth is that it is not a path that surprises many people and more considering movements such as throwing your own card.

This card may have been forgotten, but just a few years ago Apple launched a credit card with which you can make purchases both at Apple itself and at any establishment that accepts Mastercard cards. To launch it to the market, Apple had to associate with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

This need to have to associate with other companies in order to be able to launch a card may have made them now consider being a complete bank. Not many details are yet known about how Apple would get hold of everything necessary to form a banking entity.

What is known is that all this legal and financial framework of Apple it would not have a name related to those of Cupertino, instead it would be known as Breakout. Among the many benefits of this new way of understanding Apple would be the fact that users could access certain credit within the entity.

Said credit could be used when purchasing company products and, logically, users could use this supposed Apple bank as their own when managing their income and expenses. What is also commented is that the integration that is sought with its devices would be total.

This would make security methods like facial recognition even more important. At the moment it is an open secret that Apple would be interested in being a bank, but this process will most likely not happen overnight and will likely take much longer than expected.

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