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Appointment through a QR code and direct access for the double vaccine in the health centers of Alicante

In the Sant Joan Hospital department, characterized by greater care for the elderly, with up to 35,000 users over 70 years of age in nine health centers and another dozen clinics, the Nursing department has organized a display of posters and dissemination unprecedented to bring this double vaccination process as close as possible, and facilitate it through a QR code that gives direct access to the web where enter the SIP card number and the day of the appointment, as Fabiola Marrades points out.

In turn, Juan Molina, coordinator of the Santa Faz-Ayuntamiento health center, highlights that the options offered by the link are adapted to the needs and preferences of each user, because They can take days for both vaccines, the flu and the third dose of covid, such as only for the flu or only for the covid.

This is the QR code that can be scanned to access the appointment request for the covid and flu vaccine ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Health workers, however, trust than the same 70% of people who got the flu shot last year, repeat this time and those over 70 years of age join for the third dose against covid. At the moment the appointments for the flu are going to be concentrated among those over 70 years of age until next November 15 to give them absolute priority.

Marrades adds that the term of six months with respect to the last vaccine received against the covid is what marks the date of the third dose for the elderly, for whom the direct link has been devised so that they can calculate the date and request the appointment now. , although it will also be remembered that they do it via SMS.

Appointment via QR code and direct access for double vaccination in health centers | HÉCTOR FUENTES

Some of them have already become familiar with the Health website, and from the new QR code -which they will distribute by hand from this Wednesday the 27th, in which the double vaccination campaign begins throughout the province-, the department’s health centers expect family members to help the elderly with this simplified access to request an appointment without the need for waiting.

A double care pathway has also been organized, on the one hand double vaccination appointments will be attended and on the other ordinary appointments, “all to speed up the service to users”, emphasizes the manager of the Alicante-Sant Joan health department, Beatriz Massa. Nor will you have to wait a quarter of an hour after the third dose.. And simultaneously, they remember, the laggards are still vaccinated against covid.

The evolution of the coronavirus pandemic during the last week yields better data for the province of Alicante than for the rest of the Valencian Community. Son 165 the new positives compared to 191 last Monday and in the Community 562 compared to 509.

The bulk of the increase corresponds to Valencia, although in terms of deaths, three of the last four registered have been registered in the province, which adds 3,005 victims in total.

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