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Aprilia SR GT: Multipurpose Citizen

The SR GT opens a door to the world of the ‘trail scooter’ with a sporty design, mixed wheels, higher ground clearance and long-travel suspension

Aprilia SR GT is Aprilia’s first ‘urban adventure’ scooter, designed to rediscover the fun of daily driving in the city, but also on roads and paths less traveled, thanks to a design inspired by the ‘trail’ world that becomes a companion always ready for adventure.

With a
price that starts at 3,999 euroson the new Aprilia SR GT, the relaxed riding position and wide handlebars seek better control, while the long-travel suspension and increased ground clearance make it easy to overcome any obstacle in urban riding, finally, the Mixed tread tires allow you to venture on any type of surface, from city asphalt to easy dirt roads.

Its exterior design is compact, with reduced overhangs and dynamic lines that accentuate its sportiness. The number plate located on the rear wheel also contributes to this, making the tail more streamlined. In this area, the grab handles for the passenger and the set of LED taillights, including the turn signals, integrated into the design stand out. The position on the Aprilia SR GT is more centered than on a traditional compact GT scooter, and it can also adopt a more relaxed posture, resting its feet behind the shield, thanks to an ergonomically shaped platform, whose outer part seeks to resemble the sump guard of motorcycles. enduro motorcycles.

In the front view, the full LED headlight with three elements stands out, typical of the sports cars manufactured in Noale, as well as the double fairing that emerges on the sides of the shield. The handlebar is attached to the vehicle by a beautiful piece of die-cast aluminum, on which the Aprilia logo appears. The instrumentation is fully digital, with a large LCD screen displaying all vehicle information, as well as a wide range of trip information, selectable via the MODE button on the left control block. When the ‘Smartphone’ is connected to the vehicle through the APRILIA MIA connectivity system (available as an option), notifications of incoming calls and messages are also displayed on the instrument panel. The system allows you to manage phone calls using the specific connectivity button on the right control panel and the ‘Smartphone’ voice commands can be used to make calls or play music by activating a playlist.

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The front end features a Showa fork with 33 mm diameter stanchions and 122 mm travel, 22% more than the competitors, while the rear end is equipped with two double-acting Showa shock absorbers and coil springs with adjustable preload in 5 positions, travel is 102mm, 7% more than the competition. The Aprilia SR GT is also distinguished by a minimum ground clearance of 175mm. The space under the seat, with a capacity of 25 liters, can accommodate a full face helmet, and this capacity can be increased with an optional 33 liter aluminum top box.

The Aprilia SR GT stands out in its segment in terms of engine power and efficiency, thanks to the electronic injection, four-valve timing and liquid cooling of the I-Get family, the result of the know-how of the engine research and development center of scooters of the Piaggio Group. Along with the 125 cm3 engine, with a maximum power of 11 kW at 8,750 rpm and a torque of 12 Nm at 6,500 rpm, the Aprilia SR GT 200 also incorporates the new 174 cm3 engine, with a power of 13 kW. at 8,500 rpm and a torque of 16.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm. Increased engine performance also necessitated the adoption of a more efficient radiator, while the CVT transmission, with a new larger clutch, was also revised to match the new power curve.

All models in the Aprilia SR GT range are equipped with the Start & Stop RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System). The system involves the elimination of the starter motor, replaced by a direct drive to the crankshaft. The Start & Stop system shuts down the engine between 1 and 5 seconds after it has stopped (depending on whether or not the engine has reached the correct operating temperature). The slightest twist of the throttle is enough to instantly restart the engine. All this translates into very low consumption engines, the mileage in the WMTC cycle is 40 km/l for the SR GT 125 and 38.5 km/l for the SR GT 200.

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In addition to a more classic version, it also offers the Sport finish, which is distinguished by more aggressive and sporty graphics and finishes. The Aprilia SR GT is presented in the three colors Aprilia Black, Street Gray and Infinity Blue, always combined with the footrests, the sides and the passenger’s grips in silver grey. The wheels are black and the seat is black with gray stitching. The Sport version is reminiscent of Aprilia sports bike liveries, with satin Street Gold, Iridium Gray and Red Raceway colors to match red-painted rims and a two-tone black and gray saddle with red stitching.

We have been able to test it on a mixed city and highway route and the first impression has been very positive. As a good Italian, his design is careful and original, it enters through the eyes. The feeling of perceived quality is good, well finished and well finished in general, although it would improve with some adjustable levers. At the controls it is comfortable and everything is in ‘its place’. Low seat, it is easy to get on for any height. Already running, the 15 CV are appreciated, because the acceleration and the top speed, about 110 km/h. marker, allow intercity routes. The braking, combined on the 125 and with ABS on the 200, meets the bike’s performance without any problems.

At low speeds it’s manageable and feels light, but it also holds its own on the highway at top speed. Also the extra suspension travel gives it a plus of comfort, the 125 are usually dry of reactions, but the SR GT filters well the irregularities of the ground on which we circulate. It comes shod with Michelin tires, with an attractive mixed design and good grip in all circumstances. In short, an attractive GT, which does not limit its radius of action to the city, but allows some joy off the asphalt thanks to its great versatility.

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