Wednesday, October 27

Aragonès and the socialists shield the dialogue table despite the Puigdemont case

File image of the dialogue table.

File image of the dialogue table.

Both the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, As the PSOE and the PSC have expressed this Monday their commitment in defense of the dialogue table, without being affected by the turbulence caused by the arrest and subsequent release of former president Carles Puigdemont.

The almost 24 hours that Puigdemont was detained in a prison on the island of Sardinia (Italy), between Thursday and Friday of last week, placed a uncertain terrain a dialogue table in which JxCat does not participate because Aragonès still does not accept the names outside the Government that he has proposed to be part of it.

On Saturday, in his first press conference after being released, Puigdemont raised the tone against the Government, which he accused of being behind his arrest to continue excluding JxCat from the dialogue table and thus be able to dialogue “only with those who they give him parliamentary support “, alluding to ERC.

While Puigdemont flew back to Brussels on Monday to resume his activity as MEP, Aragonès has distanced himself from the words of the former president, has avoided blaming the Government of Pedro Sánchez for Thursday’s arrest and has redoubled his commitment to the dialogue table.

Aragonès, in statements to La 2, has refused to “speculate” on whether or not the Government knew that Puigdemont was going to be detained., although he does not “know” that Moncloa was aware of the operation.

Who he has pointed out as responsible for the “repression” against the independence movement is the Spanish “judicial cupola”, which “continues to pressure” so that the Catalan conflict “is only managed by criminal means”, and not at a political dialogue table.

Aragonès has claimed “more than ever” the way of dialogue, convinced that the conflict will end up being resolved in a negotiated way: “When we open the political path, we have to defend it.”

“Window of opportunities”

“I will continue, it is the only way to resolve the political conflict,” he remarked, although he has warned that in such a “complex” negotiation process there will be “many moments” in which the parties will have “the inertia to return to the starting point.”

Too the socialists have claimed the validity of the Dialogue table, which “is still under way”, as the deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, has remarked.

“The dialogue table continues and the important thing is to reach agreements, which many times will not be easy,” he pointed out.

According to Lastra, “both the Government of Spain and the Generalitat are aware that the dialogue table is a window of opportunities for the future, for a just recovery “.

“It is a process that is worth it, it is worth talking about a common future, that a fair recovery so that it is fair reaches all territories and citizens,” he added.

Along the same lines, the spokesperson for PSC-Units in Parliament, Alícia Romero, stated that “dialogue is in force and is more necessary than ever”, since “the only way to resolve any conflict is through dialogue.”

Romero has assured that “the will and commitment of the Government of Spain” with this dialogue “is firm” and has called on Aragonès to maintain this same “firm commitment” and open another table where the Catalan political forces can dialogue.

On the other hand, the JxCat spokeswoman, Elsa Artadi, has assured that the arrest of Puigdemont in Sardinia calls into question whether the “dialogue table” serves to “put the political conflict on track”: “Everyone has seen that it is false,” he pointed out.

According to Artadi, it is being “a table between parliamentary partners in Madrid”, in reference to PSOE and ERC, whom he has accused of not wanting Junts in that space, because it “makes it uncomfortable.”

For his part, the spokesman for Catalunya en Comú, Joan Mena, stated that the arrest of the former president “reinforces the need for dialogue” to seek solutions to the conflict.

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