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Aragonès asks that the new legislature be one of dialogue and that the State do “its duties”

The acting vice-president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès

The acting vice-president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès

The acting vice president of the Generalitat and ERC candidate for the Presidency, Pere Aragonès, has defended that This next legislature should be one of dialogue and that the “State has to do its homework.”

The candidate has urged “modernize the Generalitat” and to form a Government dedicated to transformation and not to speech or story, he has said verbatim in an interview in La Vanguardia.

Aragonès, who proposes for the new legislature a pact together with the Junts, the CUP and the comuns, has remarked that the independence movement has been reinforced after the 14F elections and that the CUP “has had the highest electoral growth” within the movement.

Despite the fact that the comuns propose a Government together with ERC and with the external support of the PSC and reject ERC’s ‘wide path’ proposal, Aragonès has summoned those of Jéssica Albiach to get involved and lift vetoes: “The resolution of the political conflict will require courage and generosity”.

However, he has reiterated that it would be inconsistent to govern together with the PSC, whose objective he says is “to repeat the operation [Inés] Arrimadas “–who won the December 2017 elections with 37 seats as Cs candidate and did not appear for the investiture–.

Referendum and dialogue table

When asked about the possibility of holding a referendum during the next legislature, he assured that it will take place “when possible” and that it must be an agreed and internationally recognized referendum.

On the other hand, has stressed the importance of meeting the negotiating table between the Generalitat and the Government because it supposes “the recognition of a political conflict that cannot be resolved democratically or overnight.”

However, he preferred not to advance a proposed date for this meeting: “It is so important not to set fixed dates that would be a rope around our necks as it is to make it clear that this cannot go on forever.”

In relation to the independence leaders imprisoned by 1-O, he has celebrated that the pardon would mean their release but that “It will not be the solution to the underlying problem”, which is why he has insisted on an amnesty.

Mossos d’Esquadra

On the debate on the citizen security model opened after the altercations since last February 16 due to the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel, he has advocated for “attend to the causes of social unrest” in this next legislature and for not transferring political problems to the police, in his words.

He has been in favor of “strengthening the model of a democratic police that is committed to acting in public order when necessary”, but also to mediation and the local police, to whom he has transferred his support.

When asked about his absence on Friday during the visit of King Felipe VI and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to the Seat factory in Martorell (Barcelona), he replied: “At the time of working and getting involved we will be there, not to make a hand kiss”.

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