Thursday, September 23

Aragonès calls for the expansion of El Prat to redefine the Catalan airport model

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès.

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès.

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has opted this Monday for close a “broad agreement” with the municipalities and institutions involved to complete the expansion of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

The Generalitat and the Government have reached an agreement on the expansion of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport that “unlocks” the investment of 1,700 million euros proposed by Aena and that will also allow to bring the high-speed rail to the airports of Reus (Tarragona) and Girona.

From Twitter, Aragonès has “celebrated that the possible expansion of the El Prat airport is included in the approval” of the new Airport Regulation Document (DORA), scheduled for September.

Let’s take advantage of it to redefine the Catalan airport model, which must be congruent “with the 2030 Agenda, he added.

The investments that are made, he stressed, must be adopted “with respect for environmental balance”, the management of the airport from Catalonia, the “improvement of connections with the other Catalan airports” and all this with the “endorsement of the European Commission”.

“We must continue working within the framework of the institutional table on the future of the airport that was set up by the Generalitat. The expansion of the Prat will be specified in the master plan that must be based on a broad agreement as a result of the work of the municipalities and institutions involved”, has stated.

El Prat accuses the government of “disloyal”

For its part, The mayor of El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), Lluís Mijoler, has accused the Government of “disloyalty” this Monday for having agreed “clandestinely” enlargement.

The mayor, who has criticized the Generalitat for having “yielded to the blackmail of Aena, has reproached the Catalan executive for having made a decision on the expansion “at night” and with his back to the rest of the administrations that are part of the institutional table in which the issue has been working throughout this July.

“In this clandestine way, the Government and a government ministry have reached this agreement out of respect due to the rest of the administrations that are part of the institutional table,” lamented Mijoler, who has said that few have heard of the pact minutes before it was made public by the notice of the Secretary General of the Vice Presidency, Ricard Font.

The mayor, who has demanded the appearance of the Prime Minister, Pere Aragonès, to give explanations about the agreement, it has positively valued the announcement of the continuity of the work table on the expansion project, in which it has ensured that they will continue to participate.

Although Govern and Government have agreed that “the concrete solution” on the expansion of El Prat will be determined in the next Master Plan, which will be after the Airport Regulation Document (DORA) that must be approved before September 30, Mijoler has assumed that the agreed expansion involves the destruction of La Ricarda because “from the beginning Aena has said that the only way to convert El Prat in an ‘international hub’ goes through the extension of the third runway 500 meters “.

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  • Simon Taylor

    Pere Aragones,

    Please explain how expanding an airport for a city that is already over-run with tourists, is remotely consistent with the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. You speak of Agenda 2030 – that should be your agenda, emissions reductions, not projects to increase them! We know that the city of Barcelona objected to this expansion – so what are you doing? Given the lack of any credible commercial justification (which, by the way, should not take precedent over the public interest), you should release all documentation about the project being proposed to demonstrate to the public that this project should not be seen as a red-flag for corruption. Is it perhaps an almost singular example of cooperation between the Generalitat and Madrid – all being forgiven in times of business opportunity?
    We have seen the ravages of climate change already upon us – I appeal to you to do the right thing and cancel this project immediately – we do not need yet more airport facilities and yet more flights – we do need the unique wetlands of El Prat to be looked after. Thank you for your consideration.

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