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Aragonès is left alone with the CUP by announcing the commons that break the negotiations with ERC




“We consider the negotiations broken.” Problems accumulate for Pere Aragonès, who today has had to listen to the Parliament of Catalonia as Jéssica Albiach, parliamentary leader of the commons, announced that he will not negotiate with ERC a possible investiture and government agreement until he does not rule out doing so with Junts.

The control session of the acting regional president, held this Thursday, has focused on the impossibility of Aragonès to be invested, an endeavor in which he has been since 14-F and after having already tried it on one occasion in an investiture session at the end of April. Junts prevented it.

Today, moreover, less than a week after Aragonès himself announced that he was breaking negotiations with the Junts and intensifying his encounters with the commons, they have left him alone. “We consider the negotiations as broken until they publicly agree to say that the Junts will not enter the Government now or in the rest of the legislature,” said Albiach.

For his part, the ERC candidate has insisted on several answers to questions from Alejandro Fernández (PP), Carlos Carrizosa (Cs), the aforementioned Albiach, Albert Batet (Junts), Josep Maria Jové (ERC) and especially Salvador Illa ( PSC) who does not intend to give up trying to be inaugurated president of the Generalitat.

«We have a few days ahead of us to shape the result of the polls on F-14», «what this country cannot do is an electoral repetition», «I am totally committed to reaching consensus», «I still think it is possible “,” I will not step aside “and” I will defend my candidacy for the presidency of the Generalitat “, were some of the messages from Aragonès.

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However, the sense of loneliness of the acting president and ERC candidate has been reflected not only in Albiach’s words, announcing the breakdown of negotiations with the commons, but also in that, for example, the acting advisers of the Junts they have not applauded Aragonès’ responses.

Illa has offered to “work together” with ERC and “without reproach”, and has demanded from Aragonès that his party “lift the veto that put the Social Democracy.” Of course, any agreement between the PSC and ERC should be led, in the opinion of Illa, who won the elections on 14-F. “It is not strange to ask that whoever won the elections try an investiture, Mr. Aragonès, to step aside,” he added.

Finally, from Junts, Batet has asked the Government to launch an external audit to evaluate the work of the Generalitat during the pandemic. It is no coincidence that the Departments of Health and Social Affairs, which at the beginning of the pandemic were in charge of managing nursing homes, are in the hands of ERC advisers. Aragonès has responded to Batet that to start an audit “what is needed is to leave a government in office.”

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